NuVinAir uses three fonts: TW Cen MT, Calibri, and Tahoma. For most types of content, various styles of the TW Cen MT font family will be used. For documents such as letterhead, manuals, or those created in MS Word or Google docs, the Calibri font is the preferred choice as it is easily and readily available. The supporting copy found on the NuVinAir website uses the Tahoma font. Each of the fonts can be downloaded here and used to maintain a consistent look and feel with the overall NuVinAir brand. 


All NuVinAir headlines and subheadings use the font TW Cen MT BOLD. The main difference between the two is that headlines use all caps and subheadings use title case. When creating headlines, pay close attention to the spacing of the letters. The space between each line of text is very tight and the horizontal spacing should be set to -50. With subheadings, the horizontal spacing should be set to -25.

Headlines should be stacked into a minimum of two and preferably three lines and both headlines and subheadings should highlight one key word in NuVinAir Green. To ensure that they look their best, refer to the examples shown below.

Download the Headlines and Subheadings Font


On many promotional materials and collateral such as Posters, Brochures, and Flyers, the supporting copy will immediately follow the Headline and Subheading. All supporting copy on these types of materials should use the font TW CEN MT Regular with the horizontal spacing set at -25 and the vertical spacing set the same as the font size. 

Download the Supporting Copy Font


Written documents such as Letterhead, Manuals, or those created in MS Word or Google Docs use the Calibri font in standard case for all paragraph text. For headlines and or subheadings within the document, please use the headlines and subheadings rules stated above.

Download the Document Font

Website Supporting COPY

In addition to using TW CEN MT for the Headlines and Subheadings, NuVinAir uses the Tahoma font for all supporting text and paragraph copy across our site. 

Download the Website Font

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