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It is Time to Reinvent Your Service Lanes

In a time where we are beginning to recover from a pandemic and facing a time of uncertain profits, having an efficient service lane is …

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two women driving in a convertible with the roof down.

First-Time Car Rental Tips

According to Car and Driver, people say that despite the reality of having the pandemic largely behind us, they are still going to be skipping air travel in favor of road trip vacations. In fact, a 27 percent increase in people opting for long-distance driving vacations is anticipated this summer.

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Image of Austin, Texas skyline

Mike Newman Expands his NuVinAir franchise to Include Austin, Texas

“Soon after I became a franchise owner in San Antonio, I landed a large dealership as my first client. It was during the onboarding process with them that I met Greg Workman who was a vendor for another company,” Mike said. “Turns out he loves NuVinAir’s product suite so much that he has determined to jump in and help me expand into Austin.

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Three Tips for Making Your Vehicle Fresh and Clean as You Leap into Spring

Three Tips for Making Your Vehicle Fresh and Clean as You Leap into Spring

With warmer weather approaching this spring, it only makes sense to travel in a clean car. No one wants to be trapped in a small enclosed space with dirt, grime and hidden germs on every surface.

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The Road Back to Rental Cars

It has been remarkable to see an entire industry change its operations due to a pandemic and one thing is certain — the rental car business will never be the same.

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The Pandemic Changed How We Will Live, Work and Drive.

The Pandemic Changed How We Will Live, Work and Drive

How often did we hear the phrase in 2020, “We are living in unprecedented times?” Now, as we stand on the cusp of escaping COVID-19 through mass vaccinations and slowly returning to pre-pandemic life, there will still remain long-lasting changes in how we interact and the way we do business.

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Leading the Charge in 2021

The electric vehicle (EV) has shifted from the future to the here and now. As manufacturers have put billions into research and development of electric vehicles, several stand poised to join the market with those companies that currently have EVs on America’s roads.

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Bob Lundin, NuVinAir’s newest Franchise Owner for the Central Region

Meet Bob Lundin, a longtime entrepreneur in the automotive and mobility industry is NuVinAir’s newest Franchisee for the central region of the United States. His territory includes North and South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri.

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Leading predictions for 2021. Woman wears a mask in backseat of vehicle.

Predicting 2021

The Cox Automotive group recently compiled several leading predictions, based on recent research, that will affect auto dealers and car buyers in the uncertain year ahead of us.  Here are just some of the research that supports their anticipated trends.

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