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A Better Way to Preserve Your Fleet

If you have tried to rent a car for a road trip this summer, no doubt you have noticed that the country is experiencing a …

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Matt Robinson, Newest Franchisee for Florida

Meet Matt Robinson, a longtime entrepreneur and leader in consumer-focused brands. He and his business partners, Ross, Alex and Jeff Weisman, are always on the …

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How to Handle Cannabis Smell in Rental Cars?

With cannabis now legal in all but eight states, rental car companies are rushing to eliminate the offensive odor left in cars while also preserving …

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Make This 4th of July Celebration One for the Record Books

As the 4th of July nears, we have many reasons to celebrate: We are marking the country’s effective return to normalcy after 16 months of …

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Treat Your Fleet

During the pandemic, many car rental companies and dealerships sold off, or “de-fleeted” their inventories to accommodate the dramatic lack of business. Now that travel …

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5 Summertime Travel Tips Everyone Should Know

Sizzling temperatures can land your car in hot water, but the following helpful tips can keep you and your car cool this summer. Steaming Interior? …

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Post-Pandemic: A Heightened Awareness of Health, Wellness and Well-Being Features

If there is a single positive note that COVID-19 has brought to the automobile industry, it is the heightened push from manufacturers to emphasize health, …

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Taking to the Highways This Summer

A recent survey conducted by Bridgestone reveals that more than 50 percent of us plan to travel to our vacation destinations using our vehicles. Almost …

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Used Car Values Go Through the Roof as New Car Inventory Gets Low

Due to a computer chip shortage, new car production in North America is down by more than three million vehicles in the first three months …

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