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Safe, eco-friendly odor elimination products for auto dealerships

NuVinAir and our network of Franchisees are helping Auto Dealers and Auto Groups increase revenue, accelerate used car sales and improve customer service scores with our patented, safe, eco-friendly products that eliminate odors (including smoke, pet, food, mildew), germs, bacteria and viruses from vehicles in 15 minutes or less. Replace outdated ozone machines and odor bombs that don’t work, are harsh on your customers and employees and the environment.

Add NuVinAir to your dealership:

  1. As a service in your Service Drive – offer odor elimination and sanitization as a standalone service or bundle it with other related services like air cabin filter replacement, evaporator coil cleaning or vehicle detailing.
  2. In F&I as a recurring odor elimination service
  3. Replace outdated, unsafe and EPA condemned ozone machines and odor bombs with NuVinAir in the reconditioning process. Our products work in 15 minutes to eliminate odor so you’ll turn more vehicles quickly and deliver a safer vehicle to your customer.

Examples of products you can offer:


  • Drop a NuVinAir ReStore tablet (15 minute treatment for smoke, pet, mildew and other harsh odors) or a NuVinAir ReFresh tablet (7 minutes treatment for less offensive odors) into NuVinAir’s patented Cyclone to eliminate odors and pollutants from the HVAC and interior of the vehicle
  • All products are safe and eco-friendly
  • No PPE required
  • We provide in-store signage, Service Advisor and Tech training, videos for your customer lobby, and more


  • 30-minute or less service that cleans, deodorizes, and disinfects the vehicle (including the virus that causes COVID)
  • Includes two, easy steps:
NuVinAir Step 1 | Total Health Protection
Step 1: Disinfect and Prep

Beginning with our EPA-approved, hospital-grade automotive disinfectant spray, ReKlenz-X, start by spraying down high-touch surfaces where the most germs, bacteria and viruses live. ReKlenz-X is safe, eco-friendly and easy to apply and has a quick, one-minute set time. 

NuVinAir Step 2 | Total Health Protection
Step 2: Autonomous Cleaning

Next, clean the air and HVAC system using our patented Cyclone process with either ReStore (for larger vehicles and more intense odors) or ReFresh (for smaller vehicles and less intense odors). This hands-free, autonomous cleaning system cleans inside the vehicle, including the hard-to-reach HVAC system.

NuVinAir is more than a product company.
Our Franchisees will work with you to train Service Advisors and Service Techs, and develop and execute in-store advertising to help raise awareness for the services you offer. 

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Creating a safer, healthier community.

We understand how your dealership or auto group is committed to the community in which you serve. Offering NuVinAir’s Total Health Protection service is just one more way you can show that commitment – and differentiate your dealership from your competitors.

Our Total Health Protection automotive disinfection system kills viruses, bacteria and germs quickly and effectively.

Our vehicle disinfectant, ReKlenz-X, also helps prevent mold and mildew and is also List N approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. For musty odors coming from the HVAC system, use ReFresh to clean the ventilation system as well as remove pollutants, odor, and contaminants. Return your customers’ vehicles completely disinfected and odor-free with our Total Health system.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your dealership with vehicle disinfection and deodorization.

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