For additional photo or video requests, please contact

Kyle Bailey

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Marty Schoenthaler

President and Chief Franchise Officer

Troy Blackwell

Partner, Chief Operating Officer, and Executive Vice President

Marty Fritz

Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Vice President


Strong images are an essential component of the NuVinAir visual identity, especially when combined with a headline. Whether you’re using a product or stock image, it’s important to keep the following in mind:

  • Does the Image Support the Headline and Message?
  • Does the Image Allow the NuVinAir Brand to be Displayed Prominently?
  • Does the Image Offer Sufficient Space for a Headline, Copy, and Logo?



NuVinAir product images are clean, include plenty of copy space, and allow our products to take center stage. These images can be used in printed marketing collateral, on websites, or in social media posts to promote the benefits of NuVinAir products and services.

Download NuVinAir Product Images


We encourage the use of original photography whenever possible. However, there will be times that you may want to use stock images. Please follow the same guidelines outlined above while also keeping the following in mind:

  • Use Images of People that are Happy, Confident, and Diverse.
  • When using Images of Vehicles, Choose Images that Convey Speed, Safety, and Efficiency.
  • Show Vehicles that are Relevant to Your Target Audience and that Promote Clean and Healthy Vehicle Interiors.
  • Do Not Use Images off the Internet, as they Will Typically be Low Resolution, Appear Blurry When Printed, and May be Copyrighted.
  • For Print Collateral, Use Images that are a Minimum of 300 dpi or Higher.

Download Sample Stock Images


There are three E’s we want to accomplish with every NuVinAir video: Engage, Educate, and Entertain. We want to clearly convey who we are, what we do, and why we do it. We want to inspire, innovate, be all-inclusive, and successfully illustrate our brand’s personality, benefits, and beliefs. That’s why it’s important to always tie our products and services back to our ultimate goal, which is to provide a healthy commute to every passenger in the world.

When using NuVinAir produced videos for commercial use, please keep the following in mind:

  • Do not Edit, Add, Delete, or Co-Brand any Part of the Video without Permission.

Download NuVinAir Videos

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