Why Susie Cable Chose NuVinAir.

Susie Cable

Phoenix, AZ

The automotive industry is traditionally a male-dominated world but there are women who are making a change. Actually, recent statistics show almost one-fourth of the jobs in the industry are held by women. While still a far reach from being properly gender equal, we are hopeful that number will continue to increase. From engineers to line workers, NuVinAir hopes its spotlight on female entrepreneurs with NuVinAir inspire other women to follow their passion and become involved with a cutting-edge disruptive product in the automotive industry.

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Susie Cable, owner of NuVinAir of Arizona.

Susie Cable, Phoenix, Arizona

1.      What drew you to NuVinAir? Why did you choose this business and not another one?

My husband, Scott, and I learned about NuVinAir in the summer of 2018 because we had been looking around for a new business opportunity. A consultant worked with us and gave a list of about ten businesses we could invest in. Based on our hobbies and interests, we narrowed it down to four companies. When it came time to learn about NuVinAir, a light bulb just came on and we knew this was the right business for me.  From the dealership perspective – being able to purchase a pre-owned car that is clean, fresh and healthy is a game changer.  And for everyday life, as a mom of two boys, I spend a great deal of time in the car shuttling them back and forth to various activities. I see such a huge need for this type of service that no one else is really addressing.

2.      What was your first impression of the leaders of NuVinAir?

We went to the corporate office in Dallas for their Discovery Day, which is a day to learn everything about NuVinAir. We met Kyle Bailey, the CEO and his charisma and passion for NuVinAir was infectious. He has such positive energy and my husband, Scott, and I felt like we had known him for years. We also got to witness a demo and experience the results. This is a treatment that doesn’t just mask a problem, it restores the interior of a car back to factory fresh. It really is a disruptive offering and we are excited to be a part of it.

3.      What is a typical day like for you?

My days are spent visiting Phoenix-area dealerships, service centers, car washes, and detailers and introducing NuVinAir.  The opportunities are endless because there are so many uses and positive benefits from our treatments. I am pretty excited as I just signed up our first car wash company the other day. NuVinAir’s treatments go hand in hand with car washes because while the car is clean on the surface, there are a lot of unhealthy conditions that exist on the inside of a car.  There are so many germs in our cars and they are often dirtier than public places.  For the car wash owner who just signed up with NuVinAir, his customers are now getting a clean car on both the outside and the inside – it’s a perfect complement.

4.      Do you feel like you’ve broken some gender barriers working in a male-dominated industry?

My professional background has always been involved in male-dominated industries. Before the auto industry, I worked in the shipping industry and that is a heavily dominated male business. But, I really don’t dwell on the fact that I am in a woman among so many men. I have a strong belief system that if I work hard and make a difference, I can be successful. Those values of treating everyone with respect were ingrained in me when I was a little girl. I try every day to put the golden rule into practice.

5.      What reactions have you received from customers who use NuVinAIr?

I love the reactions I get from my customers. I have people who have been in industry for 20 to 30 years and they are blown away after they witness a demo. The biggest difference is the air coming from the AC after treatment – the reaction is that it is so crisp and fresh!  Customers love it.  They sometimes think a treatment won’t work, but it always does and it impresses them tremendously.

6.      What are you most proud of with your business?

I think my customer service sets me apart. I focus on building relationships and trust.  Many dealership owners are used to vendors pushing products on them and then not coming back to check on them and see how the product is working. For my customers, I show up regularly asking them what they need or how I can help. I am a legitimate partner in their business to help them grow and I want them to succeed. When they find success, I find success.


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