NuVinAir® is
the Key to an
Apology-Free Car
Buying Experience.

Automotive businesses that implement NuVinAir Global products give their customers the peace of mind that their vehicle has been disinfected and cleaned with the safest and most advanced solutions in the industry.

Our EPA-approved disinfectant cleaner, ReKlenz-X, safely kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses, while our patented Cyclone technology removes contaminants and pollutants from the HVAC system.

The result is a clean, healthy and disinfected vehicle in as little as 15 minutes.

Why Dealerships Love the NSP+ Program

Created after years of consulting in the automotive  industry, this robust support program assists dealerships in maintaining lot quality and customer satisfaction. Some key components of NSP+ include weekly account visits, quality control checks, robust reports on treated vehicles, and ongoing training to account staff.
Healthy Profit Margins

Healthy Profit Margins

Pre-Owned Lot Standardization

Pre-Owned Lot Standardization

Service Drive Retention

Service Drive Retention

Patented Technology

Patented Technology

Apology-Free Customer Experience

Apology-Free Customer Experience

Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive Support

Eenie. Meenie.
Miney. Whoa.

No offense to all of the other “vendors” in the automotive space, but NuVinAir® is completely different. What sets us apart? Well, that’s as easy as NSP.

How Does NSP+ Benefit You?

NSP+ Generates Revenue

NuVinAir® products are not available online, or for consumer-direct retail, we drive all market share back to you! Add to all menu options, service contracts, and detail packages for other products up-sells.

NSP+ Improves Customer Retention

NuVinAir® treatments provide a tangible customer experience that their vehicle has been serviced. It’s also an easy way for you to reach out to customer’s and drive them back to your business.

NSP+ is Easy to Implement

Two Quick and Simple treatments that any “C” level tech or detailer can perform.

This Little Green Sticker Solves Big, Messy Problems.

Every Cyclone-treated vehicle receives a NuVinAir® Certified sticker which indicates that the vehicle has gone through our patented Cyclone process, and the previous owner’s filth and odors have been cleaned and removed. This peace of mind leads to customer satisfaction, retention, and protects damaged used cars from margin loss due to odor.

Show your customers that you care about more than just selling them a vehicle that looks showroom ready; let them know value their trust and long-term loyalty as well.


In my decades of dealership experience, it was a struggle to find vehicle cleaning products that actually worked. Not much has changed for dealers today! NuVinAir® offers a patented cleaning process and a great line of products that deliver fresh, clean air in minutes.

NuVinAir® is a profit center for your dealership. No more lost sales due to odor or dirty interiors. No more negative customer surveys. Just the most effective clean-air treatment on the market to give your customers an unbelievable experience.

Jerry Reynolds

Nationally Syndicated Radio
Host & Automotive Expert

Boost Your
Bottom Line with
Our Product Line.

The ideal complement to an oil change or tire rotation, our products and services fit perfectly into any dealership, detail shop or car wash.

Our patented, safe, and effective products are powerful retention tools that increase customer satisfaction and generate NU revenue for your business.

Restore and Refresh

NuVinAir® ReFresh - This seven-minute treatment will reduce HVAC pollutants, reduce odor, and clean the vehicle’s air.

NuVinAir® ReStore - This fifteen-minute treatment will reduce HVAC pollutants, eradicate odor, and restore the vehicle’s cabin-space to pinnacle cleanliness.


ReNuSurface® extracts, cleans, and removes the odor by bonding to its source. Powerful and diverse, ReNuSurface® can be used out of the bottle or in a wet-vac to effectively extract those bothersome odors that are far below the surface, saving the cost of replacement. When odor-causing problems linger below the surface, ReNu The Surface.


High-grade. Essential oils. Three tantalizing scents. It doesn’t get much better than ReVibeAir® - our proprietary line of spritzers is perfect for your space. Science created the scent, innovation bottled the emotion. Change your vibe today with the high-grade essential science of ReVibeAir®.

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