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Stay in Your Car.

Today, people practically live in their vehicles. They eat, smoke and get sick. Kids play, spill and have accidents. Pets shake, rattle and roll. Before you know it, your car goes from YES! to feeling like a total MESS. Sure there are plenty of products that mask the problem but you and your family deserve better.

Our innovative products quickly and safely eliminate stubborn odors at the source, giving you a fresh, clean car that FEELS healthy and new. Ask your favorite dealership or detailer for NuVinAir® today and experience first-hand a Nu kind of clean.

Why Customers Love NuVinAir®







Healthy Air

Healthy Air

This Little Green Sticker is a Big Breath of Fresh Air.

When you see green, think NuVinAir® clean! Any car featuring the Nu sticker has been NuVinAir® Certified with our eco-friendly products and patented cleaning process, giving you the freshest vehicle possible.

A NuVinAir® treatment means the previous owner – and his odors – have been completely removed from your vehicle. This creates confidence in a healthy commute for you and your passengers.

Show your dealership how important a factory-fresh vehicle interior is to you. Ask for the little green sticker today.


Then you need NuVinAir®. As the host of the nationally syndicated CarProShow USA radio show, I take calls from listeners every week who have questions on how they can remove nasty smells or stains from their cars. I tell them NuVinAir® is your answer!

NuVinAir® is fast, effective, and eco-friendly. There’s no harsh chemicals and absolutely no residue left behind. Stop with the air fresheners and masking sprays that just temporarily cover-up the odor and do what many of my listeners have already done. Go to the Find NuVinAir® section below and reach out to a local Franchisee to find out where NuVinAir® treatments are done in your area.

Jerry Reynolds

Nationally Syndicated Radio
Host & Automotive Expert

Our Products
Are Safe, Effective,
and Top of the Line.

When you transform your vehicle with one of our innovative products, you can count on leaving your favorite dealership or detail shop with a fresh, clean car and a clear, clean conscience. That’s because besides being extremely effective, our top of the line products are safe and eco-friendly too.

Restore and Refresh

NuVinAir® ReFresh - This seven-minute treatment will reduce HVAC pollutants, reduce odor, and clean the vehicle’s air.

NuVinAir® ReStore - This fifteen-minute treatment will reduce HVAC pollutants, eradicate odor, and restore the vehicle’s cabin-space to pinnacle cleanliness.


ReNuSurface® extracts, cleans, and removes the odor by bonding to its source. Powerful and diverse, ReNuSurface® can be used out of the bottle or in a wet-vac to effectively extract those bothersome odors that are far below the surface, saving the cost of replacement. When odor-causing problems linger below the surface, ReNu The Surface.


High-grade. Essential oils. Three tantalizing scents. It doesn’t get much better than ReVibeAir® - our proprietary line of spritzers is perfect for your space. Science created the scent, innovation bottled the emotion. Change your vibe today with the high-grade essential science of ReVibeAir®.

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