Imagine traveling to Bali and strolling on one of its exotic black sandy beaches. You can view the ocean, hear the crash of the waves, and smell the scent of the saltwater as it rushes under your feet. Thanks to virtual reality, you can now do all of that from your recliner.

Over 75 percent of the biggest companies use virtual reality in their marketing strategy – and it’s a tool within your reach as an automotive dealer as well. That’s exactly what Volvo did in 2017 using Google’s low-cost virtual reality headset called Google Cardboard.  Volvo sent prospective customers inexpensive headsets (prices start as low as $15) where they slip the headset over their eyes and go for a test drive – all from the comforts of home. Viewers can enjoy 360-degree landscapes and fully immerse themselves with the interior of a luxury car. The marketing campaign was a smashing success. Volvo reported their efforts resulted in 173 million impressions, 51,000 inquiries for more information and 28,000 app downloads.

Since research indicates consumers do not feel comfortable visiting a car dealership and since many millennials gravitate toward new technology when making purchases, it only makes sense to make use of interactive videos, websites and embrace virtual reality technology.

With virtual reality, car dealerships can shift their focus from being car-centric to customer centric. Using nothing more than a smartphone, cardboard, two lenses and a magnet, car dealerships can put their most qualified customers in the driver seat. 

To stay ahead of the market and to ensure your customers get the full “try before you buy” experience, start exploring the benefits of marketing using virtual reality.

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