Make This 4th of July Celebration One for the Record Books

As the 4th of July nears, we have many reasons to celebrate: We are marking the country’s effective return to normalcy after 16 months of a pandemic disruption and more than 600,000 lives lost. We have an economy that is booming and we have a future that looks bright.

Yet, as you celebrate the fact that “America is back!” this 4th of July, it remains important to remember to keep you and your family safe from fire accidents. Whether it is from a barbeque grill, a sparkler, a bonfire, or firework malfunctions, fire is the number one hazard for people celebrating the 4th of July. This holiday is one of a few where we feel compelled to light matches and watch sparks fly.

While this holiday will be one that we will try to make our celebrations one for the record books, we need to remain vigilant in keeping our children safe during these activities. According to, boys under the age of 14 are the most likely to be injured, with injuries to the hands, fingers, eyes, and face as the most common. More than half of those injuries come from burning sparklers, firecrackers and rockets.

To keep your children safe, take the following precautions as you prepare to celebrate our country’s freedom:

  • If fireworks are legal in your state, make sure the supplier is reputable and they have the proper warning labels and instructions on the package.
  • Never allow your children to ignite fireworks, even sparklers, without an adult present. Sparklers can reach 1000-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Light the fireworks within reach of an outdoor water hose. After the display, soak the area thoroughly to make sure embers are completely extinguished.
  • If you are grilling, open your gas grill lid before lighting it.
  • If you have grease build up in the trays below your grill, clean it so it can’t spread a fire.

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