Zach Haman, co-owner of NuVinAir Wisconsin is, like millions of others, in love with the game of golf. And he knows a thing or two about the sport. Before he took on the adventure of running his NuVinAir distributorship, Zach was a certified personal golf coach for GOLFTEC. Like most avid golfers, Zach looks at life through the prism of the game. Here’s what Zach had to say when asked how running a business is similar to the game of golf:

“With golf, you have to take it shot by shot, hole by hole. You can’t let yourself get too far ahead, just like in business. If you keep your focus day by day and strive to take make each decision and action better than the one before, then you will ultimately get better. For example, I am always trying to figure out how to sell NuVinAir in a different, better way.

With my golf game, I try to keep the small steps going and not get overburdened by looking at end of the round. I treat NuVinAir the same way, by keeping everything in a smaller space but without too much stress.” – Zach Haman, NuVinAir Wisconsin

Stay strong and finish strong.

No golfer ever plays a perfect round. The key is to stay focused and don’t let one or two bad shots affect the ones that come after. As a business owner, there are bound to be some surprises that can take you off guard. But, as Zach explains, the important thing is to stay focused on each task at hand and try not to get ahead of yourself. Stay strong, stay in the game, and you will find a way to finish strong.

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