Let’s imagine you reserved a hotel room for a well-deserved break. You packed your bags, checked in at the concierge, and are now opening the door to your weekend getaway. But the moment you step into the room, you know something is wrong. The bed has not been made, there are dirty sheets on the mattress, and there’s a smell in the air that lets you know someone just left that morning. What would you do? Certainly, you won’t just smooth the covers and jump into an unclean bed. No! If you’re like most, you’ll call housekeeping and ask for someone to come up to disinfect, put fresh sheets on the bed, and remove all traces of the previous guest from the room.

Jon McMahon, owner of NOVA NuVinAir, says that used car buyers should have the same standard when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.

“What people don’t consider is the cumulative number of germs, and buildup of daily grime that collects in a vehicle. People practically live in their cars – they eat food as they drive, they transport pets, they have toddlers and teenagers in the back seats. Things can get dirty really quickly, especially in D.C. where a large portion of each day is spent in traffic” he said. “As a buyer, you’re putting a lot of faith that the previous owner of that vehicle was hygienic about their care and maintenance. A quick look in our own driveways and the parking lots of where we work shows we shouldn’t take that risk. NuVinAir gives all buyers peace of mind.”

McMahon points to that fact when sharing how he chose NuVinAir as the business venture he wanted to own. He said he looked at a variety of businesses, from barbershops to fitness gyms, to student education.

“When I learned about NuVinAir, I recognized the possibilities are endless. Everyone has a vehicle and most families have two or more. With millions of used cars on the road, it just makes sense to offer people a healthy solution for their vehicles. This is something that really appeals to me. Plus, I also like the fact that people at the corporate level are very genuine, family-oriented and have a high moral code. Those traits are very much in line with who I am and how I run my business.”

A graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, McMahon served as an Officer and pilot for ten years prior to investing in his NuVinAir business. He attributes much of his business philosophy and work ethic to his Air Force training and career.

“I equate military service and running my own business very similarly,” he said. “Both take perseverance, loyalty, hard work, and serious attention to detail. I know I’ve got to bring my A game every single day and inspire my team to do the same,” he declared.

“I also have to be strategic. I do weekly recaps so our team can review our successes, and learn from our mistakes. We are constantly adjusting our course of action to continue to improve our service and get better. My goal for next year is for NuVinAir to be a household name in the Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. automotive markets,” he said. “I am one of the most competitive people out here and that’s what drives me.”

Jon and his wife Michelle live in Reston, Virginia with their one-year-old son Jack. In his spare time, Jon loves to spend time with his family and play golf.

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