Why Distributors are Choosing NuVinAir.

David Coyne is NuVinAir®’s newest franchisee for the state of Alabama. Coyne had numerous franchise opportunities available to him, but there was something special about NuVinAir®.

“First of all, the corporate office has cultivated such a positive culture and I am all about customer service, so that resonated with me,” Coyne said.

Coyne also likes that it is not a brick and mortar business and it has lots of room to scale. “I think they’ve got a fantastic product with a strong infrastructure,” he added.

But, there is one factor that made Coyne set aside the other franchise opportunities and choose NuVinAir®.

Coyne’s brother-in-law is a licensed auto dealer, but does not own a car lot. Instead, he receives orders for vehicles and then hunts down the perfect matches across the country to fit the orders.

Coyne said his brother-in-law always asks the seller if there is any musty air or if the previous owner smoked in the vehicle. The answer is always no, so he makes the trip, often across the country, in anticipation of a good opportunity. But, as he arrives where the car awaits and he opens the car door, he is invariably met with an unhealthy problem that he must then deal with.

“My brother-in-law spends a great deal of time trying to clean up messy and unkempt vehicles. He might do a home treatment and the musty air may disappear for a short time, but it always comes back. Or, he might have to even replace the carpet in the entire car, which is costly,” Coyne said.

“For years, he has spent a lot of money and time on this critical issue,” he said.

“When I traveled to Dallas and had my car serviced in less than 15 minutes with NuVinAir® ReStore, I knew this was a disruptive product in the industry and one I wanted to be a part of,” Coyne said. “My brother-in-law is also hooked.”

Grow your business with NuVinAir®!

We are the future of clean driving and are changing the way people clean the air in their vehicles. NuVinAir® offers dealers healthy profit margins, pre-owned lot standardization, service drive retention, patented technology, comprehensive support and an apology-free customer experience. Contact your NuVinAir® Certified Dealer today and schedule a FREE demo!

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