If women entrepreneurs have one thing in common, they are passionate about their work. We recently interviewed three such passionate women who are running successful NuVinAir distributorships across the country. Here’s what they shared about why they chose NuVinAir:

Christine Davidson from Ohio, Susie Cable from Arizona and Pamela Tucker from Florida all share a commonality: They are wholly passionate about NuVinAir.

The women came to NuVinAir from completely different walks of life. Davidson worked for years in industrial distribution. Cable came from the shipping industry and Tucker is still actively employed as a government subcontractor.  The women also shared they had many companies and ventures to choose from when deciding upon their next business venture. But, they all say that when they heard about NuVinAir, it was the disruptiveness of the product and the energy of the NuVinAir team that immediately drew them in.

“When I went to Dallas to learn about NuVinAir during the company’s Discovery Days, I actually got tingles up my spine. I just recognized how beneficial it is for dealerships and how much of a game changer it was going to be for the industry,” said Davidson.

Cable shared the same sentiments.

“When it came time for me to dig into learning about NuVinAir, a light bulb came on and I just knew this was the right business for us,” Cable said. “From a dealership perspective, being able to offer a pre-owned car that is clean, fresh and healthy is a game changer. And, for consumers like me who are parents, there’s such a huge need for this type of service,” she said.

Tucker was most impressed with the leadership’s energy and their faith-based values.

“Their faith really stood out to me. I felt like if God was involved in this company, then I wanted to be involved with this company, too,” said Tucker.

These female entrepreneurs are living examples of women following multiple passions in life. They show us that women’s careers don’t have to follow a linear path that climbs to the top of a singular industry. Just as in the ripple effect, these women are showing others they can pursue opportunities that may not have been available or apparent early on in their careers.

Let’s keep the ripple effect going.

New to NuVinAir?

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