Saturday Night Fever.

In the 1970s, the “Disco Craze” swept the nation – and our closets. Bell bottoms, platform boots, sequins, chest hair, and sparkles were ringing our bells everywhere we turned. But, as all fads fade, so did the disco era and all of its non-functionality.

Cars also underwent huge changes and ineffective fads were rampant. There were actually cardboard air fresheners shaped like skunks designed to hang from the rear view mirror.

Manufacturers hoping to make a quick dollar on consumers’ growing interest in fresh smells created new scents such as Tropical luau and Greek seaside, which simply smelled like bad cologne.

It is time to throw away the ineffective ways our grandparents used to get their vehicles smelling fresh.

Be new, be you and get Nu! NuVinAir® is a revolutionary product that quickly and safely eliminates stubborn odors at the source, giving you a fresh, clean car that FEELS healthy and new all in 15 minutes or less.

NuVinAir® is the future of clean driving. NuVinAir® is available at fine auto dealerships and detailers. Click here to learn more and to find a NuVinAir® Certified Dealer in your area.

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