NuVinAir Launches Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solution to Streamline Eco-Friendly Efficiency

NuVinAir Launches Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solution — ReNuSurface Power Podz — 

To Streamline Eco-Friendly Efficiency for Automotive Industry


DALLAS (June 7, 2023) NuVinAir, which offers an innovative suite of proprietary products that safely and effectively create healthy vehicle interiors, today announced its latest product, their second one to launch so far this year: ReNuSurface Power Podz. Catering to rental-car companies, dealerships, and detailers, it is a proprietary cleaning solution that simply dissolves in water to create a safe, eco-friendly, and powerful cleaner.

We are thrilled to launch our latest product, Power Podz, an eco-friendly extension of our ReNuSurface product line. Conveniently dissolvable and easy-to-use, just drop, fill, shake, and spray — one Power Pod makes 32 ounces of a safe and powerful multi-purpose cleaning solution,” said Kyle Bailey, CEO and founding partner of NuVinAir. “In addition to being eco-friendly, our Power Podz are designed to reduce shipping costs, decrease plastic waste, and save you valuable storage space. We have always been at the forefront of technical innovation and sustainability, and the launch of our latest product represents the company’s greatest priorities.”

In addition to Power Podz, ReNuSurface is also available nationwide in a concentrate (1-gallon containers, 5-gallon carboys, and 55-gallon drums) and ready-to-use liquid (32oz. spray bottles, 5-gallon carboys, and 55-gallon drums). All ReNuSurface products are highly effective on surfaces, such as vinyl, leather, plastic, steel, rubber, and glass, as well as carpet, electronics, wheels, and bumpers, and can be used with preferred cleaning systems and detailing tools. 

Earlier this year, NuVinAir announced the expansion of its product portfolio with the one-touch autonomous Cyclone, which is used exclusively with NuVinAir’s ReStore and ReTurn treatments, and freshens vehicles while eliminating odors of all previous drivers and passengers in minutes. Last summer, the company revealed ReTurn, empowering automotive businesses to more effectively preserve their fleet and boost customer satisfaction. Through their patented technology, ReTurn allows national rental partners to treat a broader range of vehicles for mild to mid-range odor.

About NuVinAir:

Based in Dallas and founded in 2019, NuVinAir is a franchise-supported company that creates healthy vehicle interiors for the automotive industry. With cleaning innovation and patented technology, the market leader caters to rental-car companies, dealerships, and other automotive businesses. Products and programs are sold through its franchisees, who own exclusive rights to their defined territories. To learn more about NuVinAir, visit and follow their blog

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