On February 15, National Wisconsin Day recognizes the Badger State and honors its status as the 30th state of the union.

When thinking about Wisconsin, cheese, bratwursts, and beer spring to mind but Wisconsin is so much more than a place to get something great to eat. Known for its Green Bay Packers football team (Go Pack Go!), it is also the leading producer of Ginseng in the United States. With over 5.3 million living inhabitants, Wisconsin also contains more ghosts per square mile than any other state in the nation

From its Native American beginnings to today’s Hmong community, Wisconsin is truly a melting pot of immigration and evolving identities. Milwaukee, nicknamed America’s “German City” at one time rivaled New York City in the number of immigrants it had. Legend has it that the city used to have over 40 pages of the name “Schmidt” in the phone book.

Bragging Rights

The state was one of the first to transform abandoned railroads into breathtaking bicycle trails. Speaking of bikes, Harley Davidson calls Milwaukee home. Mark Ruffalo, Orson Welles, Danica Patrick and Frank Lloyd Wright all hail from Wisconsin. The state is no slouch for producing top athletes with Bob Uecker, golfer Andy North and Frank Kaminsky all claiming Wisconsin as their home state.

Wisconsin’s Newest Innovative Business

One of Wisconsin’s up-and-coming innovative franchisees also calls Wisconsin home – NuVinAir Wisconsin, owned by Tim and Zach Haman. The Hamans have built strong partnerships with large auto dealerships and detailers across Wisconsin.

NuVinAir is the ideal complement to an oil change or tire rotation and its products fit perfectly into any dealership, detail shop or car wash. To learn more about what this Wisconsin family is promoting, visit

New to NuVinAir?

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