Pamela Tucker and her husband Andy came on board with NuVinAir in the summer of 2018 and own the Central Florida territory for NuVinAir. Read her story and learn her words of advice for living a well-balanced life.

Pamela and Andy Tucker live on what is known as the Space Coast, a region in Florida near the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Pamela graduated from the University of Central Florida with her degree in Engineering Technology. Pamela and her husband both work as contractors for the government during the week, but on nights and weekends, they hit the road and support their ever-growing NuVinAir customer base. A few months ago, the NuVinAir of Central Florida team started working with Enterprise Rental Cars and have helped them service over 1,000 vehicles.

“Andy and I start our NuVinAir work at 4pm and it goes well into the night. There’s always something new happening. It’s kind of like climbing onto a rollercoaster – it’s definitely keeps us busy. I have a unique position in that I support every aspect of the business. Most of the time I am behind the scenes; I manage administrative aspects of NuVinAir of Central Florida but that does not mean that I don’t go out on routes, meet customers, perform treatments, and provide training. My favorite function of this business is when I get to go on the road with our amazing team and participate as they interact and skillfully support our customers,” Pamela said.

Pamela and Andy were drawn to NuVinAir because they saw the potential in the product. At the time, the product and process were very new to the market. Nobody in the Central Florida area, let alone most of the United States, had ever heard of NuVinAir before. The decision to climb on board was a risk.  Pamela said, “I have spent a good part of my life helping create safe, health conscious environments for people to work in. The environmentally safe, cleanliness aspect of NuVinAir products falls right in line with that. I am hoping that in some way, through this business, I can make people’s lives a little better throughout Central Florida.”

When Pamela was asked about her first impressions of the NuVinAir leadership team she replied, “They are positive and full of energy and I was delighted with their unapologetic display of faith. I remember thinking that an organization that put God first was the type of organization that I wanted to be involved with.”

When asked what advice she would give to other female entrepreneurs, Pamela responded, “Actually, my advice is for anyone, male or female. I feel it’s important to be known for the work we do and the type person that we are. Gender and other physical attributes are out of my hands. I try to be the best version of me that I can control. In this business it’s more about who you are than what you are. However, I guess the most important piece of advice that I can give to is to keep your priorities straight. For me, it is faith first, family second, and then work, friends, and relaxation. Everything else falls into place if you have solid priorities.”

“I also remember NuVinAir’s CEO Kyle Bailey telling me something that I’ve hung onto. He said he never lets his emotions run too rampant and he doesn’t let his emotional pendulum swing too far in either direction. I didn’t fully understand his advice at first, but as we’ve moved forward in the business, it now makes a lot of sense and I’m working on doing that every day. We cannot be a product of the moment. We must keep those priorities in line and ensure we are always giving others kindness, fairness and honesty. This is a business built on relationships, and helping one another; I am very proud of that.” 

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