Giving Passengers a Lift with ReVibeAir.

Ben Jorgensen is a driver for Lyft in Utah and here is what he had to share about NuVinAir’s ReVibeAir products:

“I recently acquired a bottle of the ReVibeAir lemon zest car freshener spray and I have been using it for five months on regular basis. I absolutely love it and, more importantly, all my passengers love it as well, too,” Jorgensen said.

During the winter, Jorgensen drives a suburban limo service and he shares that he is exposed to a lot of different people all day long.

“I have not had a single person who doesn’t love your spritzers. It just makes the vehicles I drive smell so fresh and clean,” he said.

New to ReVibeAir?

You are invited to try one of our high-grade essential oils available in three tantalizing scents. Our proprietary line of spritzers is perfect for your space. Science created the scent, innovation bottled the emotion. Change your vibe today with the high-grade essential science of ReVibeAir.

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