Freshen Up Your Life 15 Minutes at a Time.

In Kenny Chesney’s poignant song, “Don’t Blink,” there is a phrase that reminds us all that life is short:

“When your hourglass runs out of sand

You can’t flip it over and start again

Take every breathe God gives you for what it’s worth

Don’t blink.”

The song serves as a reminder to make the most of every minute. Yet, so many of us waste time. How many of us play mindless apps on our phones or scroll through Facebook for minutes on end? Technology has provided us with many time-saving mechanisms and yet they often end up being time wasters.

To avoid the pitfall of wasting time, here are a few ways to make the most of your time, starting with 15-minute intervals.

Don’t think you can do much in 15 minutes? You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish.

Clean one room:

1.       De-clutter one room at a time. Grab an empty grocery sack and trash those old fast-food receipts, the needless rubber bands, or those stacks of old bills collecting dust. Find the surface of every countertop in the room – and then get it fresh with a quick spray of furniture polish or multi-surface cleaner. Do these 5 times a week and you’ll have most of your home picked up and looking and smelling better than before.

Get fit:

2.       Pick up Cross-Fit. Get yourself in better shape than you are right now by spending 15 minutes of your day doing some hard-core exercise. Cross-Fit involves lifting kettle bells, medicine balls and pushing and moving your body in rapid succession. If you’re squeezing in exercise at work, prepare to sweat. Make sure you freshen up afterwards by carrying some light-smelling body wipes you can stash in your gym bag.


3.       Learn something new. Have you forgotten most of the capitals of the 50 states? If you are like most of us, you learned that in fourth grade and then promptly forgot them. In 15 minutes during the day, you can learn 10 capitals and put them in your long-term memory bank. In less than a week, you’ll be just as smart as a fourth grader again.

Awaken your senses:

4.       Get up from your desk and walk outside. Sitting for hours at a time dulls the senses. When you walk for 15 minutes, revive your senses and refresh your mind. Be mindful of what you see, hear, smell, and touch as you move through the outdoors.

Maintain your vehicle:

5.       Call your car dealer and schedule a 15-minute oil change and ask them for a treatment that will also give you clean, healthy air that quickly and safely restores your vehicle to factory fresh. Knowing that you’ve maintained your vehicle and freshened it up will make you feel accomplished, even if you did not do anything else of merit for the day.

If you would like to learn more about a vehicle air freshener treatment that people are raving about, ask your dealer about NuVinAir®. NuVinAir® utilizes patented technology to quickly and safely reduce pollutants in your vehicle’s HVAC system, giving you a fresh, clean car that FEELS healthy and new all in 15 minutes or less.

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