First-Time Car Rental Tips

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According to Car and Driver, people say that despite the reality of having the pandemic largely behind us, they are still going to be skipping air travel in favor of road trip vacations. In fact, a 27 percent increase in people opting for long-distance driving vacations is anticipated this summer.

While it seems counterintuitive that renting a car for a road trip would cost less than just driving your own vehicle, renting can sometimes be the cheaper answer. For those new to renting a vehicle, consider the following:

  • With gas prices on the rise this summer, it often makes sense to rent an economy vehicle rather than take your SUV that only gets 16 mpg.
  • Depreciation of your vehicle may cost you in the long run. While you may not see it immediately, every mile you drive results in a certain level of wear and tear on your vehicle which ultimately affects its resale value.
  • If you lease your vehicle rather than own it, driving it for long trips might require you to pay a penalty of up to 30 cents per mile if you go over the contracted amount, which is typically 12,000 miles a year.

So, what should you look for if you have decided to become a first-time renter? Consider the following tips as you prepare to enter the rental agency world:

  • Check with your insurance agent to see if your own auto insurance policy covers collision damage and personal liability for a rental car. If so, you have just saved yourself from paying some pretty steep rental insurance plans from the agency.
  • Before you go with the first rental agency you find, research what type of cleaning procedures they use to ensure the vehicle has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using eco-friendly, bacteria-killing cleaning products.

Many rental car companies and detailers are now turning to NuVinAir Global, a Dallas-based company that offers a patented cleaning process and proprietary product line. NuVinAir’s EPA-approved disinfectant cleaner, ReKlenz-X, safely kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses, while its patented Cyclone technology removes contaminants and pollutants from the HVAC system. The result is a clean, healthy and disinfected vehicle in as little as 15 minutes. The product contains no harsh chemicals, sticky residue, or dangerous volatile organic compounds, resulting in a clean and disinfected vehicle with no chemical smell.

NuVinAIr also provides a certified sticker on the driver’s side window that indicates that the vehicle has gone through NuVinAir’s patented Cyclone process, and that the interior of the vehicle has been restored to pinnacle freshness.

Check with your local dealership or service center to see if they offer NuVinAir products today!

About NuVinAir Global:

NuVinAir Global is a privately held, Dallas-based company providing healthier commutes for drivers and passengers around the world. They deliver a ‘Total Health’ product line that utilizes sanitization science and a patented cleaning process to dealerships, rental car companies, and other automotive businesses. NuVinAir’s patented ReStore and ReFresh treatments are used to clean the interior air of the vehicle, including the HVAC system, and remove contaminants, odor, and pollutants by dispelling a dry, hygienic vapor that reaches places that sprays and wipes simply cannot. Products and programs are sold through its franchisees, who own protected rights to their defined territories. For more information, visit and follow them on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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