Clean the Six Problem Spots in your Car to Ensure Pinnacle Cleanliness.

One thing we can do to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe as we make those necessary trips to the grocery store or to the pharmacy is to keep our vehicles in pinnacle condition. While we are out in public, we place ourselves in vulnerable situations. That is why it is important to clean the interior of your vehicle before and after each trip.

  1. Start with your steering wheel. Research from insurer Ageas shows that the average steering wheel is dirtier than the seat of a toilet. While you can use wipes on most surfaces (except leather and touchscreens), one of the most versatile and effective products on the market is known as ReNuSurface. Car detailers use it to clean multiple surfaces, which eliminates the need and extra expense for multiple cleaning products. And, ReNuSurface can be used out of the bottle or in a wet vac to effectively extract unsanitary conditions.
  2. Wipe down your door handles. When you open your vehicle’s door, the interior should offer a safe sanctuary for you and your family. Using gloves, clean all door handles thoroughly with a cleaning wipe before and after each trip.
  3. Control buttons are another area where unhealthy conditions can accumulate. Just as you wipe the door handles before and after each trip, also wipe and thoroughly clean all control buttons, including your radio, inside the vehicle.
  4. Grime can be transported from the soles of shoes onto a car’s upholstery and carpet, so it is important to eliminate impurities found on those areas. However, car detailing experts would warn that using any bleach-based product may do irreparable damage to your upholstery. If it should be used on seatbelts, it could also weaken the fabric and compromise the safety of you and your passengers. Again, the best overall versatile product that can be used on upholstery, plastic, vinyl and glass is ReNuSurface.
  5. Probably one of the most overlooked area inside your vehicle that accumulates the most dirt is the top of the dashboard. This area is a prime spot for unhealthy conditions to exist because of air circulation within the car. The air is pushed up against the windshield and then falls to the dashboard where it can then be distributed throughout the interior of the car. Cleaning that area of the vehicle will reduce such risk.
  6. Do not forget about your vehicle’s HVAC unit. Your car’s HVAC unit circulates air throughout the inside of your car. As we know, that air can become stale and less-than-fresh. A solution is to deep clean your system. NuVinAir offers such a solution with their patented process and treatments. Powered by chlorine dioxide, each treatment generates a dry, hygienic gas which fills the vehicle’s interior and penetrates deeply into all surfaces. The gas rapidly dissipates after dispersion and, when use directions are followed, allows for the safe and rapid re-entry into a clean, contaminant-free vehicle.

About NuVinAir Global

NuVinAir Global is a privately held, Dallas-based company providing healthier commutes for drivers and passengers around the world by delivering a patented cleaning process and proprietary product line powered by chlorine dioxide to dealerships, rental car companies, and other automotive businesses. NuVinAir’s patented ReStore and ReFresh treatments are used to clean the air of the vehicle and remove contaminants, odor, and pollutants by dispelling a dry, hygienic vapor that reaches places that sprays and wipes simply cannot. Products and programs are sold through its Franchisees, who own protected rights to their defined territories. For more information, visit and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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