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How One Texan Feels About NuVinAir

Roger Camp is a car enthusiast from Richardson, Texas who enjoys listening to Jerry Reynolds’ Car Pro USA radio show on the weekends.

NuVinAir® Global hires former AutoNation executive, Troy Blackwell, to lead operations

Troy Blackwell joins NuVinAir Global after nearly 20 years of automotive leadership experience.

Q&A with Troy Blackwell, the new Senior Vice President of Global Operations for NuVinAir Global

Troy Blackwell discusses his career, family, and goals as he transitions into a senior leadership role for NuVinAir Global.

Keep Your Service Absorption Rate Healthy

Now more than any other time, it is important to have a healthy goal for your service absorption rate.

Why Christine Davidson Chose NuVinAir

Read the story of Christine Davidson, one of NuVinAir’ s newest entrepreneurs from Ohio, and learn why she chose to partner with NuVinAir.

The Dog Days of Summer Are Upon Us

As a pet owner who enjoys taking your dog to the lake or beach, you recognize that dogs LOVE to run in the sand or chase frisbees into the water.

Why Susie Cable Chose NuVinAir®

The automotive industry is traditionally a male-dominated world but there are women who are making a change.

Top Three Issues Facing Car Rental Companies in 2019

Lately, car rental companies are facing some serious needs to pivot due to three major issues facing the industry.

Let Waze Show you a New Way to Advertise

Thousands of drivers interested in trading in their vehicles are driving by your dealership every day – sometimes twice a day. Besides using waving flags, sign spinners, and inflatable men, what can you do to get them to pull into your lot instead of driving on by?