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Whoa Nellie!

NuVinAir® will reach into the cracks and crevasses of your upholstery and eliminate those unhealthy conditions.

The Hottest Months Have Arrived – Here’s How to Steer Clear of Summertime Car Problems

Check out these top three ways summertime can cause mayhem with your car and how to avoid such trouble – with a little help from your friends at NuVinAir®.

Making Sense of Smells and Memory

They say that smells are the most powerful stimulants to memory.

Don’t Let Your Customers Go Sour

How can you keep your existing customer coming back for more? Keep them in the loop with these five action steps.

What Dealerships are Saying About NuVinAir®

For years, products that claimed to be the solution were available to dealers but always fell short. Today, NuVinAir® has eliminated the challenge by finally removing the funk.

Five Ways to Keep Your Family Safe on the 4th of July

To keep your children safe, take the following precautions as you prepare to celebrate our country’s freedom.

Finding Big Foot

Deep in the dark forests, murky lakes, and moon-lit hills lurk our mysterious monsters.

Small Habits Bring Fresh Changes

By committing to the following five tips, you can keep your car from smelling less-than-fresh.

Why Distributors are Choosing NuVinAir®

David Coyne is NuVinAir®’s newest franchisee for the state of Alabama. Coyne had numerous franchise opportunities available to him, but there was something special about NuVinAir®.

A Fresh Way to Stay Competitive

As a dealership, you are always looking for new ways to stay competitive. Some dealerships are partnering with Uber and replacing their service shuttles with Uber Central. Uber Central lets you deliver reliable rides to anyone, even if the rider does not have the Uber app.

Our Mission

To be the global authority in creating healthy vehicle interiors by arming the automotive industry with cleaning innovation, patented technology, and world-class support.