Why Christine Davidson Chose NuVinAir.

Stepping into the role of an entrepreneur is a bit like stepping onto a roller coaster. There are more twists and unexpected turns than one can ever anticipate. But, the element of surprise and challenge is what fuels the desire of a true entrepreneur. Read the story of Christine Davidson, one of NuVinAir’ s newest entrepreneurs from Ohio, and learn why she chose to partner with NuVinAir.

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What drew you to NuVinAir? Why this company and not another one?

I worked in industrial distribution for over 11 years and helped our distributorship launch a new product line of collaborative robots, which are industrial robots that can work alongside human beings. It is an extremely disruptive technology in manufacturing and one that I take great pride in playing a role. But I grew tired of growing someone else’s company to the point where it gets acquired by a larger company.

So, I along with my partner, Tom Koly, started looking at ways to do business together outside of industrial distribution. We looked at a number of different franchisers, and companies, but it was only when I heard about NuVinAir that I immediately recognized it as being another truly disruptive product and one that would change the way dealerships present their offerings.

Looking back, are there any indications from your childhood that foreshadowed your becoming an entrepreneur?

 Life is full of surprises. As a young child, I never would have said I wanted to be a business owner nor would I have dreamed I would go into industrial distribution. But, if there’s one personality trait that has been the thread and pulled me along this path to today, it would be my tenacity. People who know me all say that I am tenacious – and I take that as a compliment.

What was your first impression of the leaders of NuVinAir?

I have a sales representative, Ashley, who traveled with me to Dallas to meet the corporate team. We both recognized their deep faith values and appreciated their integrity. Plus, when you are around them, their excitement and energy is palpable.

What is a typical day like for you?

My typical day is never typical. While my sales team is out in the field talking to dealerships, car wash owners, and detail companies, I’m focusing on the back end of the business. I manage the books and accounting, purchase inventory, handle the marketing and I also make sales calls. On September 6, we are going to host an auto and motorcycle show for our community and NuVinAir Northeast Ohio is the main sponsor. We’re hoping to have around 150 cars and attract over 500 people. That’s the kind of activity that gets me excited about this business.

Do you have any tips for other women who would like to get into this business?

Being in a male-dominated industry means you can’t get intimidated. I’m thankful my background has been in industrial distribution as it is very male dominated. In fact, I was the only woman in management for years. My advice for other women is to be transparent and honest. When I don’t know the answer, I say so, but I follow it up and find out the answer. I would also say that women should trust themselves and work hard.

What makes you excited about NuVinAir?

Every day I wake up and think, “I get to go do this!” I have more and more consumers asking where they can get a NuVinAir treatment and it’s thrilling to see the business take off. Years ago, I had a friend who invested in a particular stock and she threw some money at this thing called Amazon. I’m feeling just like her as I’m putting my efforts into this great new company called NuVinAir.

Interested in NuVinAIr?

NuVinAir is a patented technology that cleans your vehicle’s air in minutes and gives you and your passengers that fresh, healthy feeling you just can’t get anywhere else.

Ask your favorite dealership or detailer for NuVinAir today and experience first-hand a new kind of clean. For more about NuVinAir, visit nuvinair.com or call 1844-9-VinAir (984-6247). To read more about NuVinAir, visit nuvinair.com/blog.

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NuVinAir offers you an auto investment opportunity with no ongoing royalties or real estate required. Franchise Distributors receive a highly differentiated and supported experience.

NuVinAIr is growing fast and we’re looking for more Franchise Distributors to join the family and bring our revolutionary product line into markets across the globe. Contact us today to learn more about NuVinAir. Visit https://www.nuvinair.com/distributors/ or contact Joe Szynkowski, Senior Director of Distributor Recruitment and Brand Management to learn more.

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