When Sales Are Stale – Upsell!

How many dollars do you spend on advertising? Enticing customers to come in your door in the first place can be expensive and difficult, so it’s crucial to make the most of every sales opportunity possible.

Enter the upsell.

Upselling is a valuable resource used to persuade a customer into additional purchases or upgraded services. Every industry uses it, and it’s proven to be a successful method – if the extras are worth it. You surely notice it at the drive-thru window when the light lunch you intended turns into a gallon jug of soda and more fries than one person should consume in a year, right?

In the automotive industry, regular maintenance typically includes oil and filter changes, topping off fluids and general inspections of the overall health of a vehicle. Finally, there’s a way to offer a service that protects the health of its driver.

Becoming a certified dealer gives you the extra boost your service menu needs to drive the sales and profits your bottom line has been missing.

Educate Your Consumers

As a professional in the industry, you are likely aware of the importance and presence of a cabin air filter. Would it surprise you that many drivers don’t even know they are there? Probably not – how many times have you seen a surprised expression when you recommended a replacement.

It’s not your customer’s fault! A lot of people don’t worry about how their vehicle operates if they get where they need to be. Think of this as the perfect entrance to educate them on how filthy their interior becomes over time. It’s another great opportunity to introduce a Cyclone® treatment paired with a cabin filter replacement and suggest repeat treatments to keep their air integrity in peak condition.

How We Help

A customer who inquires about a cabin air filter replacement is already concerned about the integrity of their cabin’s air quality. There is no better time to introduce them to the power of a NuVinAir® treatment and land an easy sale.

This incredible compound in our Cyclone has been in use for more than 100 years. We didn’t create the compound nor have we ever claimed to. What we did do is reformulate an already superior compound, then perfected and patented an agitation process that changed the way interiors are deodorized.

Welcome to the future, we’re NuVinAir®.

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