What Dealerships are Saying About NuVinAir®.

When it comes to challenges facing used-car dealerships, the biggest hurdle to overcome is the less-than-healthy conditions of the interior. Dealerships are often faced with cleaning up the aftermath of food, spills, pet mess, and toddler accidents. No one wants to purchase a car that has its previous owner lingering in the fabric, vents, and carpet. This causes lost sales for dealerships. For years, products that claimed to be the solution were available to dealers but always fell short. Today, NuVinAir® has eliminated the challenge by finally removing the funk.

“A lot of customers complain about used-cars smells, such as smoke or dogs,” says Josh Simitjis, reconditioning manager at Frank Leta Acura in St. Louis. “When NuVinAir® gave us a demo, our guys picked out two of the worst-smelling cars we had on the lot. NuVinAir® treated the smells and they went away. We’ve used it for a month and haven’t had a complaint since.”

Michael Kayes, service manager for Hamilton Volkswagen in Hamilton Square, New Jersey, heard about NuVinAir® and its revolutionary products through a dealer network. “It had good reviews, so we decided to try it in our reconditioning department,” he says. “We offer repairs, dent work, paint work, and detailing, and it seemed like a great addition. It’s obvious when the previous owner of a car was a smoker, and our options for truly getting rid of the smell were never successful.”

Summer is a time when thousands of families hit the highway for a summer vacation. If you know your customer is planning a road trip, offer to start them off with a NuVinAir® treatment to ensure that the air in their vehicle is as fresh and clean as can be. You can have them in and out in under 15 minutes with a vehicle that feels healthy and new.

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NuVinAir® is not a masking agent or ionizer and leaves behind zero residue. It eliminates odors at the source and restores the vehicle to hygienic efficiency. If you would like more information on NuVinAir®, please visit nuvinair.com today.

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