In September, Christine Davidson decided to drum up business the old-fashioned way – by hosting a car show with a few other sponsors and with the help from a men’s group at Fellowship Bible Church in Baimbridge, Ohio. The event was a hit and drew a great mix of over 60 show vehicles. The organizers cooked 250 hamburgers and 75 hot dogs and other sponsors have already contacted organizers to join in future car shows.

“In the eight weeks it took from conception to execution, we accomplished so much,” said Davidson. “We did not pay for the advertising and used our collective websites, car show lists, flyers, and word of mouth to get people to come. And it went off beautifully,” she added.

Are you interested in hosting a car show but not sure how to go about it? Read the steps below to get started.

It All Begins with Having a Budget

Estimate the number of vehicles that you can get to attend and how much you want to charge those attendees. Try to get as much donated as possible, such as raffle items, food, grills, and tents. Invite area vendors to come and charge a fee for their booth. Invite car detailers, car wash companies, or any auto-related business to come reach their target market along with you.

Make a List and Check it Twice

Create an itemized list of what you will need. Permits, portable toilets, signage, maps, check-in information, and traffic control are just some of the items to be considered and handled.


Take a cue from Christine Davidson and see if you can do more with less. Many local business owners will let you advertise your event on their website at no charge. Make use of social media platforms and community calendars, gain awareness of the event through auto clubs. Pass out flyers in the community and try to get on local radio stations to announce the event. Build the hype beginning at least six weeks in advance of the show.

Hold Raffles

There are lots of businesses who are willing to donate prizes for your raffle in exchange for free marketing. While auto-related items are helpful (think free car washes, bumper stickers, and car accessories), you don’t have to limit the raffle to just car-related prizes. People love gift cards, audio equipment, and even beauty products. Try to hold raffles throughout the day to keep people interested.

Location, Location, Location

Deciding on an atmosphere is important. Drive around your community and look for lively areas. Make sure the area can accommodate portable toilets, vendors, parking, and booths.

NuVinAir Was Main Sponsor of the Car Show

For Davidson, she was extremely pleased with the turnout, participation, and excitement about her car show. She was also pleased to introduce NuVinAir to several potential customers and auto-related business owners. In fact, she generated several new leads and is looking forward to sharing the news about NuVinAir with an ever-growing audience.

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