“The Support is Phenomenal:” NuVinAir Certified Distributors Establishing Themselves as True Odor Removal Partners with Dealership Customers.

When it comes to challenges facing used-car dealerships, the biggest hurdle to overcome is odor removal. No one wants to purchase a car that has its previous owner lingering in the fabric, vents, and carpet. This causes lost sales for dealerships. For years, odor-eliminating products available to dealers fell short, but NuVinAir® has eliminated the challenge by finally removing the funk.

“A lot of customers complain about used-cars smells, such as smoke or dogs,” says Josh Simitjis, reconditioning manager at Frank Leta Acura in St. Louis. “When NuVinAir® gave us a demo, our guys picked out two of the worst-smelling cars we had on the lot. NuVinAir® treated the smells and they went away. We’ve used it for a month and haven’t had a complaint since.”

Michael Kayes, service manager for Hamilton Volkswagen in Hamilton Square, New Jersey, heard about NuVinAir® and its revolutionary odor removal products through a dealer network. “It had good reviews, so we decided to try it in our reconditioning department,” he says. “We offer repairs, dent work, paint work, and detailing, and it seemed like a great addition. It’s obvious when the previous owner of a car was a smoker, and our options for truly getting rid of the smell were never successful.”

A Better Product

“NuVinAir® is a better product,” says Kody Farmer, pre-owned director at Huggins Honda in North Richland Hills, Texas. “I have been in the car industry for more than 30 years and have seen many products come and go,” he says. “NuVinAir® actually eliminates the odor rather than just covering it up.”

Simitjis said his dealership had been using air fresheners and they weren’t working.“We tried a bunch of different products from Amazon and eBay,” he says. “Those vendors said their stuff worked, but the smell always came back.”

Kayes says his dealership had previously used ozone treatments, but they weren’t satisfied. “If we had a really bad-smelling car, we’d have to run the machine overnight,” he says. “That’s not a quick solution and it leaves a chemical smell, like the smell of chlorine in a hotel pool.”

NuVinAir® doesn’t cover up the smells with another odor. A line of proprietary products makes odor removal easy and safe. “You could Febreeze the heck out of it, but it could be harmful to someone with asthma or another respiratory issue,” says Kayes. https://www.youtube.com/embed/xiRrUGpsSg4?feature=oembed

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Simitjis says he likes knowing the smell won’t come back because that means happy customers. “We haven’t had any complaints or issues,” he says. “We had a car that was driven by a smoker who physically ashed his cigarettes on the floor. After being treated with NuVinAir®, it didn’t smell like a smoker’s car any more.”

NuVinAir® is also a great odor removal tool for the dealership’s loaner fleet.“Even though you’re not supposed to smoke in our cars, we get cars back that smell like cigarettes and even marijuana,” Simitjis says. “We can’t turn that around to the next customer. With NuVinAir®, it can be ready in minutes.”

The green NuVinAir® sticker that goes on every car treated with the products has also been a conversation starter for Simitjis’ sales team. “Nine out of 10 customers ask what it’s about,” he says. “We’re able to tell them that they get the ‘new-car’ smell, eliminating the previous owner. It’s a big selling feature.” 

Great Support

In addition to a great odor removal product that can boost sales, dealers are happy with the service they receive from the NuVinAir® team.

“The support is phenomenal,” says Kayes. “They provide literature for our dealership and reconditioning center. It helps explain to customers what it is and how it works.”

“[NuVinAir® distributor] Ryan [Stokes] and his team visit weekly and are always eager to help with any issues we have,” says Farmer. “They were very involved with the implementation of this product into our pre-owned vehicle reconditioning. Plus, their follow-up with our customers is excellent. Our relationship with them has made it so that we have one less worry.”

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