The ‘New Normal’ of Digital Retail Selling.


As the new normal progresses in the wake of COVID-19, automotive dealerships will need to realize their showrooms have virtually moved their street addresses to the internet. People are beginning to regain an interest in buying cars, but now they want to do so from the safety of their computers.

The good news is that people are becoming more interested in seeing if there are any good deals to be had in purchasing a vehicle. According to Google Trends, the search phrase, “Is now a good time to buy a car” increased by 9 times between January and February of 2020 and March and April of 2020.

Improving your digital experience with your customers will help you increase sales as this upsurge in online traffic continues. Below are some ways in which to stay connected and close deals even when physically distant.

  1. Create nurture campaigns with your email lists. Sending a generic email to all the emails you have collected over the years is not going to increase sales. However, with a little effort, you can convert your email campaigns into sales. One way is to create sub-lists and group your audiences with shared interest. For example, if you know you have a group of established customers who prefer luxury vehicles, then tailor a message – and a limited time offer – about your luxury brands. To enhance the message, include photos or embed a short video. Make sure you personalize the message and never let an email go out with a generic salutation. There are plenty of email tools and vendors that allow for that important personalization. Do not fool yourself into thinking one email is enough to persuade. Marketers know it takes an average of seven to ten varying communication methods before a consumer will begin to take notice of the message.
  2. Establish a consistent social media schedule via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Stock your social media platform with eye-pleasing photos and videos of your vehicles and be sure to include people in those photos as you highlight inventory. Make use of online surveys so you can learn and gather information from your customer base.
  3. As auto shows and large in-person events are not currently embraced, some savvy dealerships are using live stream events to show off their inventory. Videos help bring features to life and help capture the interest of customers. While we recognize that doing live-stream events is a radical shift for an industry used to glossy, in-person rollout events, they can be extremely effective. For example, in March, Hyundai unveiled its 2021 Elantra through a live-stream event. Honda was able to capture the interests of viewers watching from the safety of their couches. The company produced a quick initial tease video, conducted the live stream, delivered a walk-around clip and had nearly 800,000 combined views.
  4. Because of the pandemic, dealerships are turning their attention to the cleanliness of their vehicles. Consumers are going to feel uncomfortable buying a used vehicle if they cannot know the contaminants the car may hold. That is why car dealerships are seeking ways to assure their potential customers that the vehicle’s cleanliness is in pinnacle sanitary condition.  To dispel those fears, dealerships need to take additional steps to assure customers they have sanitized vehicles and eradicated any contaminants from the previous owner. The perfect partnership a dealership can make is by using NuVinAir’s effective patented process and treatment cleaning solutions tailored specifically for the automotive industry.

Powered by chlorine dioxide, each treatment generates a dry, hygienic gas which fills the vehicle’s interior and penetrates deeply into all surfaces. The gas rapidly dissipates after dispersion and, when use directions are followed, allows for the safe and rapid re-entry into a clean, contaminant-free vehicle.

As we move forward to a new way of buying and selling vehicles, one thing is for certain: cleanliness will remain top of mind for consumers and dealerships alike. 

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NuVinAir Global is a privately held, Dallas-based company providing healthier commutes for drivers and passengers around the world by delivering a patented cleaning process and proprietary product line powered by chlorine dioxide to dealerships, rental car companies, and other automotive businesses. NuVinAir’s patented ReStore and ReFresh treatments are used to clean the air of the vehicle and remove contaminants, odor, and pollutants by dispelling a dry, hygienic vapor that reaches places that sprays and wipes simply cannot. Products and programs are sold through its Franchisees, who own protected rights to their defined territories. For more information, visit and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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