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You can learn a lot about people just by looking at the bumper stickers on their cars. You can tell what sport team they support and what college they attended. Bumper stickers that tout vacation spots lets you know whether the driver is a beach person or a mountain lover. Whether their child is on the honor roll at school or they are proud of their stick figure family, bumper stickers are often a reflection of what drivers hold dear to their hearts. Bumper stickers are a way to tell others of what they are most proud of.

Pride plays a big part in the display of bumper stickers and there’s no better evidence of that when it comes to displaying the little green NuVinAir certified sticker. A vehicle with a NuVinAir Certified sticker on the driver’s side window, indicates that the vehicle has gone through NuVinAir’s patented Cyclone process, and the previous owner’s filth and odors have been cleaned and removed. That sticker makes it clear that the interior of the vehicle has been restored to pinnacle freshness. This peace of mind leads to customer satisfaction, retention, and protects damaged used cars from margin loss due to unhealthy conditions.

Show your customers that you care about more than just selling them a vehicle that looks showroom ready; let them know you take pride by displaying the NuVinAir certified sticker on all of your pre-owned vehicles. Visit today to learn more.

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