Potential franchisee owners want to hear from existing franchise owners about their experience with NuVinAir. Below is a first in a series of testimonials from NuVinAir franchisee owners. Stay tuned next month to hear from more owners who know the value of NuVinAir.

Building Partnerships – Zach Haman, Co-Owner of NuVinAir Wisconsin

“It’s really all about building relationships and friendships,” Zach said. “At one of the state’s largest dealerships, we have built a great rapport with the used car manager who has, in turn, introduced us to other NuVinAir Support Program opportunities. I’ve learned that if you approach business as a partnership with your customers, it becomes a more personal relationship. When they win, you win.”

The Future is Bright – Robert Dove, Co-Owner of NuVinAir North Carolina

Having kicked off the business just this past June, Dove feels optimistic.

“The product is a game changer. This has a huge return on investment for dealerships. My job is to teach them what it will cost them by not using the product. A lot of car deals have been lost due to an unpleasant interior condition,” Dove said.

How Dealerships Benefit from NuVinAir – David Coyne, Co-Owner of NuvinAir Montgomery/Birmington, Alabama

There are so many ways dealerships can benefit from NuVinAir. The model allows for dealerships to monetize NuVinAir in each profit center through adding NuVinAir as an addendum on their vehicles, including it in the service drive. Our new F&I product is also very attractive, and you can stock the products in parts. Each area of the dealership can take advantage of NuVinAir. Pre-owned has the added benefit of removing the previous owner from their inventory which removes a potential objection from the sales process, thus enabling the dealership to sell the vehicle faster and at a higher gross than they otherwise might have.

We want customers to get into a car that smells neutral, fresh and clean – Ryan Stokes, owner of NuVinAir Dallas

“Realtors always tell people to remove their personal belongings and make their home as neutral as possible. I give that same type of experience to dealerships. We want the dealership’s customer to get into a car that smells neutral, fresh and clean. If they get into a car that smells like someone else, the customer immediately realizes that it’s not their car.”

Customers love how the air smells after a treatment – Susie Cable, co-owner of NuVinAir Phoenix

“I love the reactions I get from my customers. I have people who have been in industry for 20 to 30 years and they are blown away after they witness a demo. The biggest difference is the air coming from the AC after treatment – the reaction is that it is so crisp and fresh! Customers love it. They sometimes think a treatment won’t work, but it always does and it impresses them tremendously.”


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