Potential franchisee owners want to hear from existing franchise owners about their experience with NuVinAir. Below is a first in a series of testimonials from NuVinAir franchisee owners. Stay tuned next month to hear from more owners who know the value of NuVinAir.

A Business That Just Makes Sense – Jon McMahon, owner of NuVinAir Virginia

When I learned about NuVinAir, I realized the possibilities are endless. Everyone has a vehicle and some people even have two or more. With millions of used cars on the road, it just makes sense to offer people a healthy environment in their vehicles as they drive every day. This is something that really appeals to me. Plus, I also like the fact that people at the corporate level are very genuine, family-oriented and have a high moral code. Those traits are very much in line with who I am and how I want to run my business.

Keeping Priorities Straight – Pam Tucker, Co-Owner of NuVinAir Florida

I just want to be known for the work I do – not necessarily by my gender or the color of my skin. I guess the most important piece of advice I have is to keep your priorities straight. For me, it is faith first, family second, and then work, friends, and relaxation. Everything else falls into place if you have solid priorities.

Providing Accountability – Ryan Stokes, owner of NuVinAir Dallas

I get tremendous satisfaction in being able to give car dealerships an accountability on pre-owned vehicles. We are so much more than an odor removal company. NuVinAir removes the things you can’t see while most reconditioners only remove the things you can see.

Watching a Business Take Off – Christine Davidson, Co-Owner of NuVinAir Ohio

Every day I wake up and think, “I get to go do this!”I have more and more consumers asking where they can get a NuVinAir treatment and it’s thrilling to see the business take off. Years ago, I had a friend who invested in a particular stock and she threw some money at this thing called Amazon. I’m feeling just like her as I’m putting my efforts into this great new company called NuVinAir.

New to NuVinAir?

In today’s automotive world, there is a product line that is truly disrupting the industry. That product is called NuVinAir.

NuVinAir is a patented technology that cleans your vehicle’s air in minutes and gives you and your passengers that fresh, healthy feeling you just can’t get anywhere else.

Ask your favorite dealership or detailer for NuVinAir today and experience first-hand a new kind of clean. For more about NuVinAir, visit nuvinair.com or call 1844-9-VinAir (984-6247). To read more about NuVinAir, visit nuvinair.com/blog.


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