Meet Ryan Stokes, NuVinAir’s franchise owner for the greater Dallas region. While Ryan has not leapt over any tall buildings or run faster than a speeding bullet (as of yet), he does hold the distinction of being NuVinAir Corporate’s very first distributor-turned-franchisee. With his longevity, Ryan says he has seen it all in this business.

“I’ve treated vehicles with the worst conditions you could ever imagine. Dead animals decaying inside vehicles, spilled liquids in the back seat on a scorching hot Texas day, and cigarette smoke from chain smokers – I’ve had it all,” he said.

Ryan says he gets tremendous satisfaction in being able to give car dealerships an accountability on pre-owned vehicles. “We are so much more than an odor removal company. NuVinAir removes the things you can’t see while most reconditioners only remove the things you can see,” he said.

Ryan compares what he does to the advice real estate agents give to home owners looking to sell their home.

“Realtors always tell people to remove their personal belongings and make their home as neutral as possible. I give that same type of experience to dealerships. We want the dealership’s customer to get into a car that smells neutral, fresh and clean. If they get into a car that smells like someone else, the customer immediately realizes that it’s not their car,” he said.

Ryan and a partner started their NuVinAir business in August of 2017 and, in the following January, Ryan bought out his partner and has been running the company solo ever since.

“I’ve been around since day one and I’ve never looked back. I’m very proud of the fact that my business is 100% veteran-owned. I love my work and the flexibility it gives me. Plus, I just love cars. I enjoy being around dealerships and automotive shops. It doesn’t feel like work to me,” he said.

Currently, Ryan and his team service over 15 Dallas-area dealerships with the NuVinAir NSP+ program but would like to double the size of his existing business next year.

“With what NuVinAir Corporate is offering with the Finance and Insurance programs and what is going on with the rental car industry, I definitely think I can achieve that kind of growth,” he said.

Ryan and his wife, Marri, live north of Dallas with their 10-year-old and 12-year-old sons, Coehn and Thatcher and their three dogs, including a nine-month old bird dog, Lucy.


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