Reconditioning 101 – NuVinAir Style: A Lesson for dealers in turning gross odors into gross profits.

As a dealer, you know the value of every open space on your lot – and the hefty cost of reconditioning required to keep your inventory in tip-top shape. It’s no secret, an issue plaguing the used-car market is what to do with vehicles that go unsold.

After several failed attempts to impress a buyer, it’s usually back to auction or employing “price slashing” events. In an industry with already slim-profit margins, a used-car department doesn’t have the wiggle room to negotiate prices.

If foul odors are causing consumers to hesitate when making a used car their own – the problem is alleviated by removing the previous owner. A quick treatment with the scientifically proven Cyclone restores vehicles’ air quality to OE conditions.

Risks of Used Inventory

There is no doubt that odors in vehicles cut into the profits of your dealership. In fact, secondhand-auto giant Manheim, recently reported that foul smells can reduce wholesale prices of used vehicles by at least $300 compared to similar models. Lowering your asking price is already cutting into the profits you had in mind. Now, consider the additional expenses you accrue in recon – the expensive attempt to temporarily solve an odor problem, causes permanent damage to your bottom line.

Accepting a trade-in or buying from an auction is always a gamble. Vehicles may appear clean and have that “new-car scent” but once the perfume from momentary solutions fade – you are stuck with a cabin compromised by lingering smoke odors or other putrid reminders someone left behind.

Reconditioning the cars on your lot in a cost- and time-effective way is key to maintaining your bottom line. The quality of the products you choose are critical in attracting and retaining customers.

Out with the Old, In with the Nu!

In the past, the struggle to refresh a vehicle was usually labor intensive and always temporary. Masking agents only work for a short period but as inventory sits on the lot – offensive odors slowly become more prominent. The only way to truly rid cabins of returning stenches is by removing airborne pollutants at the source of the odor.

NuVinAir® can do so in 15 minutes.

When your dealership has funds tied up in inventory that won’t sell, profits are suffering as more appealing vehicles can’t take their place.Aren’t you tired of the gut-wrenching feeling of merely breaking even on a car with odors that make consumers hold and turn their nose?

You may think it’s just a part of business – maybe it was– but as a member of the NuVinAir® family, it doesn’t have to be anymore.

Quick and Effective Recon Companion

Restoring a used vehicle before it rolls on your lot can be a challenge. The dollars you spend fixing dings or dents, detailing to pinnacle condition, and advertising to draw buyers is for naught when interior odors remain. Consumers demand a clean car that doesn’t remind them of a previous owner, and off-putting scents are always a deal breaker.

The highly effective Cyclone treatment will attack every square-inch of a cabin and components which affect the air quality. There are numerous stinky sources hiding in a vehicle’s air-conditioning ducts. Prior to our patented technology, there was no easy way to remove it.At the touch of a button, the Cyclone activates and begins restoring interior conditions to like-new levels. Yeah, it’s really that easy.

The treatment is so fast, it will have interiors factory fresh before your technician is finished cleaning the exterior. This efficiency is a must-have companion in every detail and used-car department.

Repeat Business After Sale

Once a used vehicle is sold, many consumers will seek different avenues for repairs and maintenance. Offering an apology-free experience is your key to retaining them as lifelong customers for services other than purchasing.

When you’re a proud provider of the NuVinAir® product line – make a big deal out of it! Show consumers the power of the Cyclone and how it can restore their vehicles once life happens. 

Redefining the Customer Experience

There are numerous ways for a vehicle’s interior to be compromised but once customers know where to turn for help – a beneficial relationship is formed for both parties.

If your used-car department or detail services could use a boost in enhancing profits and customer retention, it’s time to follow NuVinAir® into the future of clean driving.

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