Q&A with Troy Blackwell, the new Senior Vice President of Global Operations for NuVinAir Global.

With nearly 20 years of leadership experience in the automotive sector, Troy Blackwell has been on the front end of driving major industry change. 

He joins NuVinAir Globalfrom AutoNation, where he worked as a senior director, spearheading a major brand extension for the largest automotive group in the nation. During his tenure, he also helped launch a chain of stand-alone used-car dealerships called AutoNation USA.

Prior to AutoNation, Troy worked for more than a decade at CarMax, the country’s largest used-car retailer and a Fortune 500 company, where he served as both regional sales development leader and general manager. 

So what does he hope to accomplish as NuVinAir Global’s new Senior Vice President of Global Operations? 

More of the same. 

“I’m excited to leverage my passion for team development at NuVinAir Global, another industry-leading innovator, which is dominating the automotive space with its patented technology and proprietary products,” he said. 

Read on for more insights from Troy as he takes on his next big industry challenge.

QUESTION: You have a strong automotive history building major programs and executing big change. Tell us about your signature career accomplishments. 

ANSWER:I would say helping launch a chain of stand-alone used car dealerships called AutoNation USA was a very important achievement. We were able to streamline the car-buying process with new technology and a one-price, no-haggle strategy. We knew that customers don’t like the experience of negotiating back and forth. Committing as a company to go to the standard one-price route took a strategic approach, especially when implementing the change across all of our rooftops. Change is hard in the dealership world, but we were able to make it happen. 

Q: What big brand experience can you most effectively leverage to help NuVinAir Global expand its footprint in the automotive sector? 

A: What I can offer is leadership and helping us scale in the automotive industry. Our Distributors are key to that and have a new partner focused on supporting them day in and day out. I feel that I come with credibility in the industry and my understanding of retail operations will help us make a big impact.  

Q: What is your favorite part about the auto industry? 

A:I love that there is still plenty of room to evolve. The auto sector right now is at a critical stage, in my opinion. We have to change. We have to improve. Consumers are moving in a new direction where they are demanding everything to be easy and automated. Companies like Carvana are meeting these needs but we also know that customers still want to see, touch, and drive cars before they commit to buying them. They want things done on their terms. How the industry responds to consumer behavior and trends will be the key to its success. 

Q: Why NuVinAir? 

A: For me, this was a natural next step. I have operated and grown multiple retail stores for large brands. In looking for a new challenge, company culture and the product quality were key for me. I love the NuVinAir product line and really respect the leadership we have put in place. When you look at how we can truly reshape the customer experience and the commuter experience, the opportunity is massive. 

Q: Can you share some details on your family life? 

A: I have a very supportive wife, as well as two sons and a daughter – and we call Southern California home. I grew up in northern California and am sixth-generation from Napa. My family actually played a big role in the development of the land now known as wine country. You don’t really appreciate the beauty of Napa until you move away. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. My wife is a pediatric oncology nurse and my kids are active in water polo and acting. 

* * *

About NuVinAir Global

NuVinAir Globalis a privately held, Dallas-based company offering a line of proprietary vehicle cleanliness products to customers in the automotive industry, including car dealerships, car washes, detail shops, rental-car companies, and truck fleets. All products are sold through its Franchise Distributors, who benefit from a flexible franchise platform that requires no ongoing royalties or real estate, and includes recruitment, training, and marketing support. NuVinAir Global’s mission is to ensure healthier commutes across the world by arming the automotive industry with cleaning innovation, patented technology, and world-class support. For more information, visit NuVinAir.comand follow them on Twitter @nuvinairand Facebook @nuvinaircyclone.

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