NuVinAir Wins Federal Injunction in Patent-Infringement Case for its Vehicle Cleanliness Products.

DALLAS (April 9, 2019)– NuVinAir®, a privately held automotive company offering patented vehicle cleanliness solutions and revenue-generating platforms to dealerships across the United States, today announced it has won a permanent federal injunction against Pristine Solutions for infringing on its patented technology and proprietary products. 

Based in Dallas and currently sold in nearly 100 certified territories across the United States, NuVinAir manufactures, distributes, and sells a line of vehicle cleanliness products to auto dealerships, car washes, detail shops, and various other automotive businesses. 

NuVinAir successfully defended its patents in case No. 18-81524 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

“This is a monumental win. As industry innovators, we will always aggressively protect our truly groundbreaking technology,” said Kyle Bailey, NuVinAir’s chief executive officer and founder. “When we learned of a competitor infringing, we immediately launched the legal process to defend the integrity of our brand and the integrity of our Distributors serving automotive businesses across the country.” 

Since March 2018, NuVinAir has expanded to 92 territories across the United States. The newest distributors are located across the Southeast, East, and Midwestern regions of the U.S. NuVinAir will also soon deploy its first global master Distributorship in Canada. 

“NuVinAir is truly blazing a trail in the automotive arena with their patented technology, and competitors are noticing,” said Kathryn Shilling, General Counsel for NuVinAir. “Since joining the company just a few months ago, I’ve seen NuVinAir achieve tremendous growth, and winning this injunction is a major step in showing the industry that we are truly pioneers.”

About NuVinAir:

NuVinAir® is a privately held, Dallas-based company offering a line of proprietary vehicle cleanliness products to customers in the automotive industry, including car dealerships, car washes, detail shops, rental-car companies, and truck fleets. All products are sold through its Certified Distributors, who own exclusive rights to their defined territories. NuVinAir’s mission is to ensure healthier commutes across the world by arming the automotive industry with cleaning innovation, patented technology, and world-class support. 

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