People are the most social animals on the planet so it is understandable that social status carries a lot of clout in our society. While some see status as the number of friends they have on social media, others find status from what they own. We tend to judge quality by the label on the outside of the products we buy (think Apple, Polo, Mercedes, or Jaguar). A decent and attractive purse can be purchased for $50, yet people will spend thousands just to have the luxury brand name. Owning such products with those labels makes people feel better and smarter than their neighbor.

When drivers pull up next to a car at a red light and see NuVinAir’s little green Cyclone Certified Sticker, that age-old desire to have the best also immediately kicks in. The green status label tells everyone that the driver has a vehicle that is cleaner and more appealing than any of the vehicles surrounding it that don’t have that sticker.

So, the next time you are faced with label envy, make a smart purchase that satisfies both the desire for status AND for a fresh and clean interior.

NuVinAir is a Breath of Fresh Air

When you see that green sticker, that means that vehicle has been NuVinAir Certified with eco-friendly products and a patented cleaning process, giving you the freshest vehicle possible.

Show your dealership how important a factory-fresh vehicle interior is to you. Ask for the little green sticker today.

New to NuVinAir?

In today’s automotive world, there is a product line that is truly disrupting the industry. That product is called NuVinAir.

NuVinAir is a patented technology that cleans your vehicle’s air in minutes and gives you and your passengers that fresh, healthy feeling you just can’t get anywhere else.

Ask your favorite dealership or detailer for NuVinAir today and experience first-hand a new kind of clean. For more about NuVinAir, visit or call 1844-9-VinAir (984-6247). To read more about NuVinAir, visit Interested in becoming a franchisee? Visit

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