NuVinAir North Carolina Gives Law Enforcement Officials Peace of Mind During COVID-19 Crisis.

Robert Dove, owner of NuVinAir North Carolina, shares that in his small town of Burlington, North Carolina, businesses of all types have struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic. “There is a local Honda business that was servicing 90 to 100 cars a day before the pandemic hit, but now they are only servicing around 30 cars a day,” Dove said. “These are definitely tough times for a lot of people here in North Carolina and across the country.”

“During this crisis, it feels terrible not doing something to help the community, so I began to think about ways I could make a difference,” said Dove, who immediately thought of law enforcement officials.

Dove explained that police rarely receive any good press. “If a police officer goes into a burning building and saves a baby, there’s always going to be those people who ask him why he didn’t get there before the fire started,” he said. “I thought it would be nice if I, along with my business partners Ben Huffines and Gabriel Gonzalez, could show our gratitude for their courage by donating 100 proprietary Refresh tablets to enhance the interior cleanliness of their vehicles at the Burlington Police Department and the Alamance County Sheriff’s Department.”

Dove said the process works very efficiently for the sheriff’s department: “After we train them on how to use NuVinAir’s patented Cyclone process, they run the treatments while they process the criminals.

“It only takes seven minutes. It’s simple, fast, and it is effective because it goes places that wipes and sprays just can’t go. Plus, it gives the officers peace of mind by allowing them to treat their vehicles whenever they think they may have come into contact with someone with COVID-19 or other health issues. We hope we’ve helped them feel a little safer, especially when they return home to their families.”

Sheriff Terry Johnson of Alamance County recently posted his thanks on the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, saying, “Robert Dove with NuVinAir came by our office and demonstrated their product to clean car interiors. This product cleans the interior of the car with chlorine dioxide gas. They demonstrated their product and provided 100 free samples. Thanks to NuVinAir for providing this service.”

Dove says the pandemic will be a game-changer in the future for how everyone will evaluate the cleanliness of surfaces. “Given the circumstances of today, no one will ever touch a surface without wondering what is on it,” he said. “People are going to want to be safe and they will demand it. NuVinAir can give them the peace of mind they are looking for.”

About NuVinAir Global:

NuVinAir Global is a privately held, Dallas-based company providing healthier commutes for drivers and passengers around the world by delivering a patented cleaning process and proprietary product line powered by chlorine dioxide to dealerships, rental car companies, and other automotive businesses. NuVinAir’s patented ReStore and ReFresh treatments are used to clean the air of the vehicle and remove contaminants, odor, and pollutants by dispelling a dry, hygienic vapor that reaches places that sprays and wipes simply cannot. Products and programs are sold through its franchisees, who own protected rights to their defined territories. For more information, visit and follow them on Twitter @nuvinair and Facebook @nuvinaircyclone.

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