NuVinAir launches new Atlanta Certified Distributor.

NuVinAir® is launching five new certified territories across the greater Atlanta region, which will be owned and operated by Certified Distributor Calvin Wilson and his family.

The Wilsons now own the exclusive rights to sell NuVinAir’s® line of science-backed, fully patented products to auto dealerships and various aftermarket locations throughout their exclusive territories.

Looking to launch their own business and build a family legacy, the Wilsons will operate their territories from Dallas and will now undergo extensive training at Dallas headquarters to become fully licensed operators.“Calvin and his family add tremendous character, integrity, and business acumen to our team,” said Kyle Bailey, NuVinAir® Chief Executive Officer. “We are thrilled to watch them grow Atlanta, which was one of our most sought-after distribution regions.”

Business in a Box

NuVinAir® is different from other business concepts on the market. The Dallas-based company offers a semi-absentee investment platform across the United States. New distributors receive exclusive rights to their territories, as well as a fully branded, staffed, and supported investment model.

Here are a few differentiators of the NuVinAir® Certified Distributor platform, which has added 10+ new partnerships since officially launching:

• Zero waiting period.
• Semi-absentee model.
• No franchise fees. No royalties.
• Fully hired team.
• No real estate required.
• Outstanding training.
• Elite marketing & communications.
• Exceptional profit margins.

About NuVinAir®

Dealerships across the country are becoming NuVinAir® Certified. The certification program enhances the overall car-buying experience by offering customers an apology-free, like-new vehicle while adding revenue to the dealership’s bottom line.

Every Cyclone-treated vehicle receives a NuVinAir® Certified sticker, which indicates the execution of the patented Cyclone process, and the removal of the previous owner’s filth and odors. This peace of mind leads to customer satisfaction, retention, and protects damaged used cars from margin loss due to odor.

Looking for a low-risk, high-reward investment opportunity? Check out or send your information to to learn more about the NuVinAir® Certified Distributor model.

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