NuVinAir Global Franchisee Jon McMahon offers peace of mind to first responders.


Last week, hundreds of healthcare workers at Adventist Healthcare White Oak Medical Center in Maryland received an unexpected helping hand. Jon McMahon, NuVinAir’s Franchisee for parts of the Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland markets joined forces with DARCARS Automotive Group to perform deep cleaning and reconditioning of the medical staff’s vehicles as they ended their shift – all at no cost to the healthcare workers.

“Most people’s lives have changed because they are being told to shelter at home,” McMahon said. “These nurses and doctors must cross a line every day and go into a workplace they know is extremely dangerous to their own health, but they do it anyway. We just felt it was important to give them peace of mind as they travel back to their families from work. It’s all about giving back to people who are up against scary challenges during this pandemic.”

McMahon and the other staff donned head-to-toe protective suits and masks and set up a mobile detail reconditioning area in the hospital’s parking garage. The DARCARS Automotive staff acted as valets as they drove each employee’s vehicle to the cleaning area.

McMahon’s NuVinAir DMV crew and DARCARS’ employees not only cleaned the vehicles to make them road ready, but they also performed a deep reconditioning of the interior, thoroughly wiping down the interior with cleansing wipes and vacuuming all floors and carpeted areas.

While such efforts are effective in removing pollutants in those areas, they are still normally unable to reach far enough into porous surfaces like upholstery and nooks and crannies to address the contaminants embedded there.

That is where NuVinAir’s patented cleaning process helped bridge the gap and gave the healthcare workers a peace of mind they had not had in weeks. McMahon used NuVinAir’s patented Cyclone process to eliminate contaminants by generating a dry, hygienic gas that fills the vehicle’s interior and penetrates deeply into all surfaces. The gas rapidly dissipates after dispersion and allows for the safe and rapid re-entry into a clean, contaminant-free vehicle.

Within three days, they were able to restore over 350 vehicles.

McMahon said the nurses and other staff were so thankful for this unexpected gift. Many said it gave them a sense of peace they had not had in days. According to a news reporter from Washington D.C.’s NBC Channel Four News, many workers were actually showering and changing clothes at the hospital before getting into their cars just to limit the risk of infecting their families when they came home.

Both McMahon and the DARCARS staff say they were moved by the many heartfelt thank you messages on social media and the personal thanks they received from the hospital staff.

McMahon and DARCARS are planning to offer similar services to other hospitals in the coming days and offer more reconditioning for other healthcare workers. 

“As long as they want us to keep offering our reconditioning services for their vehicles, we are committed to giving them our free cleaning treatments. It is the very least we can do for such heroes,” McMahon said.

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