NuVinAir donates $50,000 and 50 gallons of patented cleaning product to help victims of Florence.

Hey small and midsize companies…consider yourself challenged! We here at NuVinAir® boldly introduce the #NuHopeChallenge and urge business decision-makers to get involved in Hurricane Florence recovery efforts immediately. Our corporate office is donating $50,000 and 50 gallons of our proprietary ReNuSurface® cleaning product to charities helping those affected in the Carolinas.

We Want You To Do The Same!

Our network of certified distributors stretches from coast to coast, and includes longtime South Carolina resident Bob Goldberg, who owns territories in both South and North Carolina.

“This donation from our corporate office will make a big difference to a lot of people who are hurting here,” Goldberg said. “I plan to personally be involved in the recovery efforts. This is my home, my business, my family.”


Our corporate team was heavily involved with recovery efforts in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. This year, we are in a position to offer more than bodies.

“This absolutely hits home for us,” said Kyle Bailey, NuVinAir® Chief Executive Officer. “Harvey opened our eyes to the massive pain and suffering these people are up against. The media leaves once the flood waters recede, but these people are facing a long road ahead.”

NuVinAir® CEO Kyle Bailey helping victims of Hurricane Harvey last year in Houston. #NuHopeChallenge

We hope to set an example for other companies across the United States and challenge business owners to band together to boost the recovery and restoration efforts in the Carolinas. Use the hashtag #NuHopeChallenge to share your support stories on social media.“We’ve seen big pledges from some of the major corporations in this country and we want other midsize and small businesses to help where they can,” Bailey said. “This disaster should speak to the hearts of all people – not just the ones located in the Carolinas.”

“Very Much a Live Disaster”

We recently donated $25,000 apiece to the charities All Hands and Hearts and Samaritan’s Purse. We also shipped 50 gallons of our patented cleaning solution ReNuSurface® to High Socks for Hope, a charity founded by Major League Baseball pitcher David Robertson.


“This $25,000 donation will have an incredible impact on those struggling to recover,” said Sara Hannafin, Chief Engagement Officer for All Hands and Hearts. “This is still very much a live disaster and we are just at the beginning of our efforts. We so appreciate the support.”“Because of the generous support of the NuVinAir® team, we will now be able to help even more families recover after the devastation of Hurricane Florence,” added the charity’s CEO Erik Dyson. “Such generosity is what transforms lives and creates hope for those who have lost so much.”

About NuVinAir®

NuVinAir® is a Dallas-based company offering a line of patented odor-eliminating products to customers in the automotive industry, including car dealerships, car washes, detail shops, rental car companies, and truck fleets.

All products are sold through its Certified Distributors, who own exclusive rights to their defined territories and receive recruiting, training, and marketing support from NuVinAir® Corporate.

For more information, visit or email Chief Communications Officer Joe Szynkowski at

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