Nissan Offers A New Way to ‘Try Before You Buy’.

While car sales may start with online shopping, they end at the dealership, often after a test drive. Using test drive incentives to get customers offline and into the showroom is a dealership’s best chance to convert a lead to a closed sale. Dealers know that once a person experiences a new car’s features and the heady aroma of that new car smell, the likelihood of a sale increases.

Now, Nissan is turning that 15-minute test drive on its head by teaming up with Turo, a rental car service that lets people rent privately-owned vehicles.  Nissan has launched a new way for car shoppers to become familiar with their cars through an extended test-drive experience hosted by Turo in three markets: Los Angles, Salt Lake City and New Jersey.

Guests can test a Nissan vehicle by finding them on Turo’s website. Drivers can book a drive for a few hours, days, weekends or even longer. While there is a fee, Nissan will offer participants a $300 bonus toward the purchase of a new or pre-owned Nissan within six months of the test drive.

What appeals to car shoppers with this new approach is they get to test drive cars while running their normal errands on routes they are familiar. They can get feedback from friends and family and, if driving a pre-owned Nissan, hear about the vehicle straight from the car’s owner.

Today’s consumers, especially millennials, have different expectations for shopping and customer service. Nissan is looking at this new partnership with Turo as a way of understanding the growing rise in peer-to-peer sharing and how it can factor into how consumers make major purchases in the future.

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