Mike Newman Expands his NuVinAir franchise to Include Austin, Texas

Image of Austin, Texas skyline

Mike Newman, franchise owner for San Antonio, has been busy since last fall.

“Soon after I became a franchise owner in San Antonio, I landed a large dealership as my first client. It was during the onboarding process with them that I met Greg Workman who was a vendor for another company,” Mike said. “Turns out he loves NuVinAir’s product suite so much that he has determined to jump in and help me expand into Austin.

“Greg’s been in the industry for over 20 years and he knows everyone. Someone like that who is so well connected and knowledgeable is great to have in your corner.”

Newman said the plan is to let Greg focus on bringing dealerships on so that he can focus on cities, municipalities and fleet business.

“Dealerships are on a much longer sales cycle. They have vendors pelting them every day, so it is extremely valuable to have Greg who can get past the gatekeepers because of his deep relationships,” Newman said.

Newman credits his success in San Antonio to his use of digital marketing tactics. You may remember from Newman’s initial interview that he was a longtime digital marketing executive, most recently as the CMO of BubbleUp, a digital agency with a long roster of customers ranging from Luke Bryan and Kenny Chesney to several national and global brands.

Through that experience, Newman gained deep knowledge on how to develop and execute digital marketing strategies. He feels confident he can apply those same strategies to his NuVinAir business so they can quickly scale the business.

“The challenge right now is earning the opportunity to show how we solve the problems and add value to their marketing strategies,” Newman said. “Once I do, good things will fall into place. Right now, I am doing two or three different digital campaigns and I am seeing success. In fact, I just landed an account with Lyft because of a digital ad I ran through LinkedIn. My plan is to replicate the effort in Austin.”

Newman says he has enjoyed getting to know the other franchise owners in the network.

“All of them are seasoned business people. Jon McMahon out east has shared tactics on how to approach dealerships,” Newman said. “Brian Ross and Susan Hanley are always eager to share their ideas and stories of success with me. And, likewise, I am helping them with their digital strategies as well.”

Newman is obviously a man with a plan and a vision for success. It will be interesting to hear what the next six months will bring in both San Antonio and Austin for NuVinAir.

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