Meet Mike Newman: Senior Marketing Exec Signs On As Franchisee of NuVinAir Global’s Vehicle-Cleanliness Solutions For San Antonio.


Meet Mike Newman, a longtime digital marketing executive and NuVinAir’s newest franchisee for San Antonio, Texas.

Newman recently became the newest Franchisee to join the NuVinAir family and will help deepen the company’s footprint in Texas, which already has two franchisees handling Dallas and Houston, respectively.

Flipping the script on the sales process

“I have been doing the digital thing for a long time, most recently as the CMO of BubbleUp, an amazing digital agency with an amazing roster of customers ranging from Luke Bryan and Kenny Chesney to several national and global brands,” Newman said. “Through that experience, I have helped customers develop and execute digital strategies that grow their business and help them super-serve their fans and customers.”

 “I am excited and feel confident I can apply those same marketing strategies to NuVinAir San Antonio so that we can quickly scale the business and ultimately super-serve our customers, something I am deeply passionate about.”

“Do Good Work, Good Things Will Happen”

Newman is no stranger to hard work. He credits much of his success to his parents who taught him an incredible work ethic. “My mother always used to tell me almost a mantra of, ‘Listen more than you talk. Keep your head down and just go do good work, good things will happen’” said Newman. “One of the many things my father used to tell me was, ‘If you are going to fall, fall forward. You have to get out there and try. Don’t ever take a step backward – just keep going forward and you will find success.”

Newman says he spotted that same work ethic in NuVinAIr Corporate’s CEO Kyle Bailey. Both men enjoy the many facets of entrepreneurship and understand what it takes to make a company successful.

“Both Kyle and I are builders,” Newman said. “I was looking at several different franchises, but once I met Kyle and the incredible team around him, including the other Franchisees, I was sold. The fact that Kyle and my work ethic align and we have many of the same personal values, was an added bonus. We are just cut out of the same cloth.”

“Disrupting An Entire Industry”

While Newman just recently signed the paperwork to be a NuVinAir franchise owner, he already has big plans. “How many companies can say they are disrupting an entire industry for the better – and a fantastic line of products, which actually solve a real problem for any company that stands to benefit from delivering a cleaner, healthier vehicle to their customer?” he said. “I’ve learned throughout my career, when you focus on solving problems for a customer versus how to make money, good things happen. Chasing money is not the right reason to be in business.”

“There are a bunch of other products that have a multiple-step cleaning process, but the EPA-approved ReKlenz-X that disinfects, cleans and sanitizes all with one step is that one that amazes me,” Newman said. “Then combine that with the disruptive, patented odor elimination products we offer, and you have an unparalleled one-two punch in providing a cleaner, healthier vehicle for the end consumer, which is the most important part of the entire equation in my opinion. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with a company that, at the end of the day, solves a very serious problem?”

Family means everything

Newman firmly states that he only measures his success through his family and how his children treat others. Newman says he has much to be thankful for. Newman and his wife, Susan, just celebrated 28 years of marriage on Sept. 6.

Their oldest daughter, Taylor, is a senior at Texas A&M and, upon graduation, has plans to attend medical school to become a pediatrician. Tyler, their son, is a freshman at Trinity University and focuses on studying engineering while he plays on the university’s baseball team.

“I am indeed a blessed man to have such an amazing family,” Newman said. “

When he isn’t figuring out ways to leverage his marketing skills to grow the business, Newman says he enjoys playing the guitar, fishing, and relaxing with Susan at their bay home on Tiki Island near Galveston, Texas.

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