Making the Most of Digital Signage with NuVinAir.

Most dealerships have stashed their inflatable breezy geezers and turned to installing digital signs on their property. Those signs go a long way toward easing the trepidation of buying a new vehicle for many consumers by offering attractive visuals and automobile facts. But many make the fatal mistake of using their flashy new signs to market their stock and their dealership 24 hours, 7 days a week.

That is a big mistake.

Research shows that people passing by will begin to tune out those messages if they are solely promoting the dealership’s inventory.

However, if those signs contain interesting news scrolls, the local weather, the time, and compelling videos and images, people will begin looking for what’s new on the sign as they drive by. Banks are taking the hint and installing video screens at each drive-up lane and offering visually interesting tips and trivia to entertain people while they wait.

To keep your signage fresh and stimulating, integrate the following six NuVinAir® marketing messages into your automotive marketing messages:

1. “Hot days bring out the worst smells. Let our NuVinAir® treatment get your car back to factory fresh.”

2. As temperatures sizzle, play the video of the sweaty basketball players piling into the vehicle.

3. In August, play the NuVinAir® “Dog Days” video.

4. Run exclusive limited time offer. “Come in this afternoon and the first 5 customers get a FREE NuVinAir® ReFresh treatment to get your car smelling fresh and factory clean. Takes less than 10 minutes and you will leave feeling like you just purchased a new car.” 

5. Offer a bundle of services “Schedule your oil change and get a NuVinAir® ReFresh treatment at the same time. You’ll be in and out in under 30 minutes.”

6. Run exclusive limited time offers because it creates immediacy. Get a NuVinAir® ReFresh treatment for half off. – This offer is only good today.”

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