How Franchisee Networking Facilitates Systemwide Success

Collaboration among peers fuels better results at the local level and leads to a healthier franchise system.

Franchisors can provide franchisees with a variety of tools to help them run their businesses, but ultimately, no one understands what happens at the unit level quite like the franchisees themselves. For this reason, it is imperative that franchisees maintain regular communications with each other and share best practices. In doing so, they not only support their individual franchisees, they can also help boost the franchise system’s overall health. 

NuVinAir franchisee Jonathan McMahon, who owns and operates the brand’s Northern Virginia-based franchise, said franchisee collaboration can be especially helpful at the beginning of a franchisee’s journey with a brand.

“No matterwhat business or franchise you decide to start, it’s always a struggle to find success at first,” McMahon said. “Informing consumers where you are and what you do can sometimes be the most difficult part. With a playbook of best practices designed by your predecessors, the learning curve is faster and your path to success is fast-tracked. There won’t be a novel written about your new area or territory, but with an outline, you can focus your efforts and know which categories deserve the most time, attention and resources. Insight like that can mean the difference between failing and building a legacy franchise business.”

The advantage of the franchise model, McMahon said, is that everyone is on the same team and collectively pushing the brand higher as a group. 

“This type of familial relationship breeds true honesty and assistance when it’s utilized correctly,” McMahon said. “Like with most franchises, NuVinAir Global’s franchisee network is full of varying backgrounds, areas of the country and experience levels. We build off each other’s individual strengths and perspectives to shape our local business strategies.”

NuVinAir helps support conversations between franchisees, in part, through regular conference calls. 

“Every two weeks, the NuVinAir Global Executive team hosts a franchisee conference call to keep us abreast of the status of national deals, as well as share any updates on procedures, training and upcoming improvements in technology, CRM and products,” McMahon said. “Separately, the franchisees host biweekly conference calls with nationwide sales managers to review sales strategies, success stories, lessons learned and objections.”


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