Meet Ilario Sanzo, a longtime distributor of NuVinAir in Long Island and now NuVinAir’s newest franchisee for New York City, LaGuardia Airport and Long Island.

Sanzo recently became the newest franchisee to join the NuVinAir family and will help deepen the company’s footprint in New York.

Sanzo has a slightly different professional career path than other NuVinAir franchisee owners as he does not come with an automotive business history. For the last twenty-five years, Sanzo worked in finance planning and analysis for consumer product companies.

“I’ve worked with a variety of consumer companies, especially detergent companies that carry such items as All detergent, Snuggle clothes softener and Dial soap. But, I am finding that the same thread of importance – that of giving consumers the best product in the industry – is true with NuVinAir as well. I want to make sure I support car dealerships and rental agencies with the best product that is going to give consumers well-being and peace of mind,” said Sanzo. “I feel strongly that I am doing exactly that with NuVinAir’s Total Health product line.”

NuVinAir opening doors

Sanzo says NuVinAir makes it easy for him to provide excellent customer service through its products. “When I went to Dallas to learn more about NuVinAir, they gave me a demonstration of the product and it blew me away. And, with the EPA-approved disinfectant cleaner, ReKlenz-X that safely kills 99.9 percent of germs, bacteria and viruses, it’s a win-win situation for me and for everyone in the automotive industry,” said Sanzo.

Sanzo plans to target car rental companies, especially Enterprise Rent-A-Car, as there are several Enterprise locations in his territory.

“With New York finally easing some of its COVID-19 restrictions, people are beginning to travel again. I am finding conversations with dealerships and rental car companies a lot easier now, especially when I say we have an EPA-approved product. People are now listening,” he said.

A strong work ethic

Sanzo credits his father for his strong work ethic. His father, Giovanni Sanzo, came to the United States from Italy, and built a life for him and his family in Connecticut.

“My father really taught me what it meant to do hard work. When I was a little boy, he was always asking me to help him around the house or garden. I remember not enjoying weeding the 200 tomato plants he tended, especially when my friends were begging me to go play, but I stood alongside and finished the work. My father would always tell me that no one helped him buy a house and a car, so if I really wanted something, I better be the one to go out and do it,” said Sanzo. “That advice has served me well throughout the years.”

Passionate about building trust

Sanzo says he learned to be passionate about his life and work through his experiences with soccer. “In soccer, you must have passion. You can’t just go through the motions. If you do, you won’t succeed. Relationships are very important and I am passionate about building trust with the people I interact with in life,” he said.

When he isn’t working on plans to grow NuVinAir, Sanzo enjoys being a coach for his nine-year-old son’s soccer team.

“I’ve played college soccer, I still play on a team and am also a referee. That kind of tells you I am a die-hard soccer fan,” he said.

Sanzo and his wife, Kasha, have been married for 24 years and have an 18-year-old son, Justin, who attends the University of Tennessee. Their nine-year-old son, Kyle, is in fourth grade and he also enjoys playing soccer. When Sanzo isn’t on the soccer field, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing an occasional round of golf.

NuVinAir Global continues to attract high-quality corporate leaders looking for a unique business model that allows flexibility and scalability. Franchisees participate in the company’s platform that offers a branded product line, immediate activation, recruitment consulting, ongoing training, and national and regional marketing, all without ongoing royalties or real-estate requirements, making it one of the world’s friendliest franchise concepts.


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