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How to Spot Flood Damage to a Vehicle

With hurricane season upon us, thousands of flood-damaged vehicles are literally flooding the used-car market across the country. Carfax estimates there are over 400,000 flood-damaged vehicles on the road and, following a hurricane, those numbers rise dramatically. Scammers begin dumping affected vehicles into used-car inventories within days of a hurricane or tropical storm.

Typically, scammers know how to clean up a damaged vehicle and upon first inspection, you may not be able to tell there was anything wrong with it. So, before you purchase a used car, look for the following signs that there has been flood damage:

  1. The interior carpet does not match or it is stained.
  2. There is rust around the doors, under the dashboard, or on latches.
  3. Interior lights and/or the instrument panel may be fogged up or have moisture droplets on them.
  4. Mud and debris are extremely difficult to eradicate completely, and it often collects in glove compartments, under the seats, and in the trunk space.
  5. A dank, musty odor that is barely noticeable as it is masked by a strong air-freshener. If it smells of a strong deodorant, it’s highly likely the seller is trying to mask an odor. After a few days, a distinctly unpleasant smell will permeate the vehicle.

If you are a small used car lot owner, inspect all vehicles carefully before purchasing. Get a Carfax report and check the title. Do your research and know the vehicle’s title history. By doing so, you will save yourself several headaches down the road.

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