If you are in the market to buy a new car but you need to sell your existing car first, you might feel anxious about negotiating with a dealership. Before you make that first step into the dealership, arm yourself with the proper knowledge.

First, Do your research

Before heading out, hop online and find out the value of your vehicle. Visit Kelley Blue Book and to get a good grasp of the market. Make sure you have all of your vehicle information at hand, such as the VIN number, year, make, and model before you begin.

Visit a Same-Make Dealer

If at all possible, get your car appraised by a dealer who sells the same car as what you own. If the dealer decides to stock your trade-in for his retail lot, he’s more likely to offer more in his appraisal.

Get More than One Appraisal

Visit more than one dealership and get different assessments. You’ll either come away surprised by the difference or feel confident of your car’s worth if the appraisals are consistent.

An Honest Assessment

Once you have a good grasp of what other cars like yours are worth, do an honest assessment of your car. Be realistic and look at your mileage and how well you’ve kept your car. Cleaning your car can also do wonders for the resale.

NuVinAir Can Help

If you want to restore your vehicle to pinnacle cleanliness, find out here where your closest dealership is located in your region.  When your vehicle receives a NuVinAir treatment, it means all odors have been completely removed from your vehicle. You’ll have a car that has a factory-fresh vehicle interior to offer for resale.

Learn More About NuVinAir

In today’s automotive world, there is a product line that is truly disrupting the industry. That product is called NuVinAir.

NuVinAir is a patented technology that cleans your vehicle’s air in minutes and gives you and your passengers that fresh, healthy feeling you just can’t get anywhere else.

Ask your favorite dealership or detailer for NuVinAir today and experience first-hand a new kind of clean. To read more about NuVinAir, visit


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