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Automotive Facts for the Day

So much news flows our way each day through the internet, television, radio, and social media platforms and it can become too much. Sometimes it is fun to let someone else weed out the boring information and plate up the more interesting tidbits. Below are some recent news items related to the automotive world that you may have missed:

  1. Did you hear Tesla now makes farting noises? Some people are only test driving these cars just to make the all-electric car fart. The car comes with a tablet that sits between the front seats. This is where it all lives, your speedometer, climate control, maps, music options and the elusive “Easter egg drawer.” This special “drawer” is where the add-ons live, like Atari games, a drawing board, and a whoopie cushion icon. Turns out drivers can control which seats in the car give out a loud gassy sound at any given moment. There are seven fart options, all of them odor-free – for now. Drivers can also set the farts to go off every time the turn signal is used.
  2. The average American will spend two weeks of his or her life stopped at a red light. If we disciplined ourselves, we could get a lot of multi-tasking done during those wasted moments.
  3. Toyota Motor Corp just unveiled its vision for an electric compact runabout. It’s designed for short daily trips targeted at the elderly and for new drivers and can go a distance of 62 miles and reach the speed of 37 mph.
  4. Volvo targets 2040 as the year it will be completely climate neutral. It will slash its life cycle carbon footprint by 40 percent. Crucial to achieving that goal is a lineup of electric car models Volvo will be rolling out.
  5. Vehicle subscription services aren’t going away. Thanks to the upcoming millennial generation, vehicle subscription services are ready to explode. By 2025, over 16 million new and used cars are expected to be part of the subscription movement.

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